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8 of the best autumn-appropriate candles to cosy up with this season

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It’s not only chunky knits and plum lipstick that mark the arrival of autumn, it’s also the flickering flame of a scented candle. We’ve found the best ones for the season.

If there’s one season that can bring out our inner poets, it’s autumn. Before there’s even time to sip on a pumpkin spice something, we’re mentally penning tales of long evenings by the fire, crisp leaves crunching beneath ankle boots and nestling up with Sally Rooney’s latest bestseller. Who are we fooling though? There’s the Instagram version of autumn and then the reality, which is more about awkward sartorial transitions and not a single crackling fire or s’more in sight

This is why we have scented candles. When we can’t physically transport ourselves to the picture-perfect scenes that reside in our imagination, a candle can certainly make us feel like we’re there instead. Plus, they’re quintessentially autumnal and can ferry you into a blanketed-up staycation in the Scottish Highlands or a lazy weekend watching leaves fall in the park, without even leaving your sofa. If all you do this autumn is light one of these candles, fill yourself up on bottomless cups of warming chai and take binge-watching to a whole new level, you’re doing autumn right. Here’s our pick of the best scented candles to see you through the season.

  • The one that smells like a roaring fire

    Jo Loves Log Fires Scented Candle

    This is the ultimate proof of why the colloquialism “it does what it says on the tin” exists. You could opt for manual labour and have a go at collecting wood and lighting a fire, or you could extend your arm far enough to grab a lighter and surround yourself in the toasty leathery wood scent that this candle serves up. It’s olfactory cottagecore at its very finest.

    Shop Jo Loves Log Fires Scented Candle at Cult Beauty, £55

  • The one that smells like the seaside of London Memento Mori Candle

    Among this waxy concoction of patchouli, frankincense and oakmoss, you’ll be convinced that you’re on a rustic stretch of a Cornish beach with an impromptu fire and the tell-tale aroma of oceanic saltiness in your hair. Balancing such grounding notes with nature-inspired freshness isn’t easy, but your living space will certainly thank you.

    Shop of London Memento Mori Candle at Sun.Day of London, £26

  • The one that smells like smoke and oranges

    Crabtree and Evelyn Raw Instinct Candle

    Meet the After Eights of candles. What this scent lacks in chocolate minty goodness, it makes up for in post-dinner decadence. This is one seductive candle thanks to the intensely smoky yet zesty plumes that will dance through your home. If you’re in the market for impressing a guest, then look no further.

    Shop Crabtree and Evelyn Raw Instinct Candle at Crabtree and Evelyn, £25

  • The one that smells like cannabis

    Malin Goetz Cannabis Candle

    The only high you’ll be getting from this candle is the smug knowledge that your house guests are becoming mesmerised by the smell of your home. With spicy pepper and bright citrus notes, this is essential sniffing for unwinding on chilly evenings. When you’re in need of some warmth by way of something more than a blanket, this spicy scent is your best bet.

    Shop Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle at SpaceNK, £44

  • The one that smells like freshly chopped wood

    Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Candle

    With a creamy sweetness that lives alongside dark oud wood and sandalwood, your room will be playing dress-up as a Marrakech souk. Snug meets sophistication here and you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a complex blend that manages to maintain its softness.

    Shop Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Candle at Harvey Nichols, £68

  • The one that smells like leather-bound books

    Byredo Bibliotheque Candle

    Think strolling through an antiquarian bookshop with a syrupy, fruity cocktail in hand and you’ll understand this scent. The papery nostalgia that’s housed in this candle is quite frankly intoxicating, and with a heady dose of leather and patchouli in the mix, this is surely what autumn is all about.

    Shop Byredo Bibliotheque candle at Cult Beauty, £31

  • The one that smells like spice

    7 over 7 Grounding Woods Candle

    Consider this spiritual multi-tasking, as you’re not only getting an earthy infusion of seasonal scents like cinnamon, smoke and cedarwood; it will also assist in balancing your chakras too. Focusing on your root chakra (muladhara), you can create a mini ritual with this candle when you want to work on the areas of stability, security and balance.

    Shop 7 over 7 Grounding Woods candle at 7 over 7, £65

  • The one that smells like a spa

    Liha Queen Idia Candle

    Luxuriously calming and potently symbolic, this candle has got your back when you’re in need of relaxation and a reminder to hype yourself up with the fearless energy of Yoruba Queen Idia. With lavender, geranium and frankincense this is all you need for a night of self-soothing with no excuses needed.

    Shop Liha Queen Idia Candle at Net-a-Porter, £32

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