Beauty products to buy from independent brands including a sleep spray, aromatherapy shower melt and exfoliating body net

20 of the best buys from small British beauty brands

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Want to add to your beauty collection while supporting indie brands across the UK? Here, we run through the best items to try out from brilliant and burgeoning British beauty labels you’ll want on your radar.

Whether you’ve had the same routine for years or are always on the hunt for something new, beauty plays a big part in our lives. What we all want is to find that product that not only works but happens to make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your shelfie while supporting small businesses at the same time. 

Here’s where The Drop by Stylist comes in. It’s our marketplace to shop from over 500 British independent brands – and when we say there’s something for everyone, we mean it. Covering all areas, including beauty, fashion, homeware and accessories, there’s plenty on offer. Plus, we have some brilliant savings and products exclusive to The Drop, so if you’re looking for a special (last minute) gift for a birthday, house warming, engagement or simply want to treat yourself, there’s something that’ll work for you.

Rather than trawling through an endless list of pick-me-up items, we’ve hand-picked a selection worthy of your beauty collections. Scroll down to find the next product that could very well become a staple… 

  • London Botanical Laboratories CBD Bakuchiol Face Set (Serum & Moisturiser)

    email3_London Botanical Laboratories CBD Serum_£29.99_
    The Drop: London Botanical Laboratories CBD Serum

    If you’re wary about using retinol, but hanker after smoother, more radiant-looking skin, let us introduce you to London Botanical Laboratories’ CBD and Bakuchiol serum and moisturiser set – available with an incredible 80% saving exclusive to The Drop.

    Both products contain CBD, known for its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, in tandem with the star player, bakuchiol – a natural alternative for retinol that works for sensitive skin.

    Ready for use in your morning and nighttime skincare routine post-cleanse, simply massage two pumps of the serum into the skin and follow with the moisturiser to lock in all that goodness. Achieving the clear, bright and smooth skin of our dreams just got that much closer…

    Shop London Botanical Laboratories CBD Bakuchiol Face Set (Serum & Moisturiser) at The Drop, £29.99

  • Eve and Keel Stability Roller and Crystal Gift Set

    Eve and Keel Stability Gift Set
    The Drop: Eve and Keel Stability Gift Set

    Whether you’re suffering from Mercury in retrograde or simply in need of some self-care tools to relax and unwind, Eve & Keel’s Stability Set is the dose of tranquillity you’ll want by your side to keep you grounded and balanced at all times.

    The kit contains two key pieces: an aromatherapy roll-on for your inner wrists, swirling with soothing notes of vetiver, frankincense and elemi which are designed to calm your stability root chakra, while the chunk of Brazilian black tourmaline stone helps to ward off any negative energy.

    Shop Eve and Keel Stability Roller and Crystal Gift Set at The Drop, £27

  • Five Dot Botanics Deep Feed Nourishing Face Serum

    email7_Five Dot Botanics_Deep Feed Nourishing Serum_£19_1
    The Drop: Five Dot Botanics Nourishing Serum

    With a huge 50% saving exclusively on The Drop, this soothing, smoothing serum from British beauty brand Five Dot Botanics is like an açai bowl in skincare form.

    “I’ve long been a fan of facial oils,” says Stylist’s senior beauty writer Morgan Fargo. “This contains cold-pressed green coffee beans to calm and decongest skin (lovely in the morning, especially during hay fever season), as well as vitamin E-containing Amazonian cacay nut oil to soften and repair. The best bit? It absorbs quickly, which means I can use it morning or night.”

    To use, simply massage 2 to 3 drops into skin after cleansing at night and apply your moisturiser as usual. Waking up to glowing, deeply nourished skin = all the goals.

    Shop Five Dot Botanics Deep Feed Nourishing Face Serum at The Drop, £19

  • Warda Skincare Vitamin C Glow Boost Oil-Serum

    Warda Skincare Vitamin C Boost Oil Serum
    The Drop: Warda Skincare Vitamin C Boost Oil Serum

    Morning routines aren’t the only place for a glow-boosting vitamin C product. Inspired by Eastern beauty formulations and created in London, Warda Skincare’s Vitamin C Glow Boosting Oil Serum can be used morning, noon and night. And with an impressive £40 saving exclusive to The Drop, how can you say no?

    A hybrid oil-serum that is as nourishing as it is glow-inducing thanks to aloe vera, vitamin E, almond oil and squalene, simply massage a few drops into the skin as the last step in your morning routine before applying SPF or as the last step at night to reap the brightening benefits. Looking to make your nighttime routine even more luxe?

    Thanks to the oil-serum formulation, there’s enough slip to grab your gua sha for some facial massage and lymphatic drainage before bed. At this price, we’ll take 10.

    Shop Warda Skincare Vitamin C Glow Boost Oil-Serum at The Drop, £9.99

  • Floragy Restore Body Oil – Grapefruit + Lavender

    Floragy Restore Body Oil
    The Drop: Floragy Restore Body Oil

    Finding the right body moisturiser is like finding the perfect white T-shirt – once you’ve got it, you reach for it Every. Single. Day. So, rather than trawl through endless cream formulas that evaporate within seconds, venture into the world of easily-absorbable body oils with Kent-based beauty brand Floragy thanks to this exclusive scented version of their popular Restore Body Oil.

    Floragy’s founder Louisa makes a point to use naturally-derived ingredients that are incredibly effective, such as the deeply moisturising coconut oil, camelia oil, rosehip oil and olive squalane found in this formula.

    And with this exclusive grapefruit and lavender scented version, you don’t need to bother with perfume before heading out.

    Shop Floragy Restore Body Oil – Grapefruit + Lavender at The Drop, £27

  • Verdant Alchemy Breathe In Mineral Bath Salts

    The Drop: Verdant Alchemy Breathe In Bath Salts
    The Drop: Verdant Alchemy Breathe In Bath Salts

    If you’ve succumbed to The Cold To End All Colds that’s been doing the rounds, you’re probably desperate for some self-care that will decongest, de-stress and boost your wellbeing.

    Say hello to Verdant Alchemy’s Breathe In bath salts which are packed with minerals and herbs that will help you get back on track.

    Uplifting eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot oils will soothe your airways while aromatic thyme and cedarwood add a cosy vibe to your bathroom, cocooning you in a spa-like ambience that will have you feeling better in no time.

    Shop Verdant Alchemy Breathe In Mineral Bath Salts at The Drop, £12  

  • Albus & Flora SPF30 Multi-Active Tinted Lip Balm

    Albus & Flora Tinted Lip Balms
    Albus & Flora Tinted Lip Balms

    How much do we love Albus & Flora’s Multi-active Lip Balms right now? With an exclusive price available only on The Drop – not to mention free shipping – choose from five shades including four subtle tints that range from peachy nude to berry red, as well as a go-to clear version.

    As the changeable British weather gives us the (suspect) gift of dry, chapped lips that don’t know if they’re coming or going, this deeply nourishing lip balm that’s rich in antioxidants, omegas and vitamins (plus SPF30 to boot) is the perfect find. Even better, the cocktail of potent botanicals significantly reduces the occurrence of cold sores, as well as encouraging their healing.

    Shop Albus & Flora SPF30 Multi-Active Tinted Lip Balm at The Drop, £14

  • Floragy Smoothing Hair Oil

    Floragy Smoothing Hair Oil
    The Drop: Floragy Smoothing Hair Oil

    After becoming obsessed with skincare during 2020, our attention has now turned to our hair. If damage and dryness have been wreaking havoc on your strands since winter, Floragy’s No.3 Smoothing Hair Oil is a problem-solving saviour that’ll help rid you of brittle ends and treat your scalp.

    Combining camellia seed oil (great for non-greasy moisture), almond oil (to strengthen damaged locks) and grapefruit essential oil (to promote healthy hair growth), it’s full of all the ingredients your hair needs to thrive.

    Shop Floragy Smoothing Hair Oil at The Drop, £12.60

  • Vegan by Happy Skin Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30ml

    egan by Happy Skin watermelon hyaluronic acid serum
    The Drop: Vegan by Happy Skin Watermelon Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    With almost 50% off exclusively on The Drop, this serum harnesses the power of moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich watermelon extract, plus soothing aloe vera and nourishing argan oil.

    In other words, it’s specifically designed to give your skin a juicy, hydrated glow. Simply massage two pea-sized pumps into skin before moisturiser every morning and evening for the dewy face of your dreams.

    Shop Vegan by Happy Skin Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30ml at The Drop, £15.90

  • Made By Coopers Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Mist

    Made by Coopers Room and Pillow Spray
    The Drop: Made by Coopers room and pillow spray

    If you’re not already spritzing a calming aromatherapy-based scent around the bedroom or on your pillow just before bed, you don’t know what you’re missing. Sussex-based beauty brand Made By Coopers knows all about this, with founders Clare and Dan having travelled across India to discover all they could about Ayurveda and the power of scent.

    Their bestselling room and pillow sleep spray includes a concoction of de-stressing aromas including organic lavender, chamomile and frankincense. Simply spray two to five times evenly around your room, on pillows and linen and you’re in for a great night’s sleep.

    Shop Made By Coopers Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Mist at The Drop, £17.50

  • Elsa's Organics Skinfoods Love Natural Deodorant, Rose and Patchouli

    email9_Elsas Organics_Rose and Patchouli natural deoderant_£10_
    The Drop: Elsa's Organics Deodorant

    We all know some natural deodorants can be a bit iffy – after hundreds of attempts, founder Henrietta landed on this version that minimises odour thanks to magnesium and pink Himalayan salt. 

    It also detoxifies skin using oil-absorbing kaolin clay and contains antimicrobial coconut oil. Just swipe the stick onto clean underarms a couple of times, let it sink into skin as the body heats up and you’re ready to face the day.

    Shop Elsa’s Organics Skinfoods Love Natural Deodorant, Rose and Patchouli at The Drop, £10

  • Eclat Skincare London Rose Glow Oil & Eyes Set

    email5_Eclat_Rose Blossom oil and mask set_1
    The Drop: Eclat Skin London Rose Blossom Oil and Eye Mask

    Upgrade your self-care sessions with the double whammy of Eclat Skin London’s Rose Glow Set, featuring its bestselling Rose Blossom Hydro-Gel Eye Pads and new Rose Blossom Glow Facial Oil, available with a huge £60 off exclusively on The Drop by Stylist.

    Packed with antioxidant-rich rose blossom extract, place the hydrogel masks onto cleansed skin for 10-15 minutes for a smoother, brighter-looking eye area, minus the puffiness. When the time calls to gua sha the night away, the lightweight facial oil is infused with moisture-packed hyaluronic acid and natural oils to provide the perfect amount of hydration, slip and of course, natural glow. Wake up to brighter, more relaxed skin.

    Shop Eclat Skincare London Rose Glow Oil & Eyes Set at The Drop, £24.90

  • Queenie Organics Hand and Body Cream

    Queenie Organics Hand & Body Lotion
    The Drop: Queenie Organics Hand & Body Lotion

    Is your chapped skin in need of moisture? Try Queenie Organics’ hand and body cream, available with 12.5% off on The Drop, which comes in three scents for three moods: refreshing lemon and bergamot, earthy frankincense and lavender, and floral ylang ylang and palmarosa.

    Not only is it deeply nourishing, it’s proudly palm oil-free and certified organic by the Soil Association (a bonus if you’re looking for an eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift). Once you’re done with the aluminium tub, pop it into the recycling or repurpose as storage for pens, make-up brushes or general bits and bobs.

    Shop Queenie Organics Hand and Body Cream at The Drop, £17.50

  • London Botanical Laboratories The Pro-Glow Fresh Vit C Day Cream

    London Botanical Laboratories Vitamin C & CBD Moisturiser
    The Drop: London Botanical Laboratories vitamin C & CBD moisturiser

    There are three things all brilliant day creams should be: lightweight, glow-boosting and soothing. With an exclusive 80% off the regular price available only on The Drop, The pro-glow fresh Vit C day cream from London Botanical Laboratories ticks all three boxes.

    Its vegan blend of pineapple extract is rich in brightening vitamin C, plus it contains redness-reducing CBD and nourishing evening primrose oil, alongside anti-inflammatory carrot root extract. While it might sound like an exotic Ottolenghi recipe ingredient list, all you need to know is that it’ll leave you with skin that looks like it’s had a serious glow-up.

    Shop London Botanical Laboratories The Pro-Glow Fresh Vit C Day Cream at The Drop, £15

  • Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Bath Potion 100ml

    Moa Green Bath Potion
    The Drop: Moa Green Bath Potion

    When the world feels bleak, slumping into a foamy bubble bath worthy of Zoë Kravitz in High Fidelity is just what the self-care doctor ordered. 

    To make it even better, add Magic Organic Apothecary’s Fortifying Green Bath Potion – a concentrated herbal blend of calming yarrow, decongesting peppermint and detoxifying fennel – for a more relaxing experience. Simply pour, sit back and feel your stress evaporating into thin air…

    Shop Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Bath Potion 100ml at The Drop, £23

  • Elan Skincare Set of 6 Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

    The Drop Elan Skincare: Aromatherapy Shower Steamers
    The Drop Elan Skincare: Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

    If you’re feeling congested or are in need of a reinvigorating shower to kick your brain into gear, look no further than Elan Skincare’s set of six handmade, handpainted aromatherapy shower steamers. 

    Packed with four stimulating essential oils – plus menthol crystals extracted from organic mint oil – sprinkle the steamer with water at the start of your shower and get ready to inhale the refreshing scent it releases into the air. 

    Shop Elan Skincare Set of 6 Aromatherapy Shower Steamers at The Drop, £9.98

  • Nett Exfoliator

    Nett Exfoliator
    The Drop: Nett Exfoliator

    Originally from Ghana, the Nett is a reusable exfoliation sheet that will make quick work of your body care routine. Adept at sloughing off dry skin, it’s fast-drying, can be thrown in the washing machine to refresh and will last for up to two years.

    Shop Nett Exfoliator at The Drop, £22.50

  • Scentered Five Minute Acupressure Foot Mat and De-Stress Mindful Aromatherapy Malm

    Scentered Aromatherapy Balm
    The Drop: Scentered aromatherapy balm

    Simply douse your wrists, neck and temples with the De-Stress essential oil blend and breathe in its mind-massaging powers while standing on the acupressure spikes. 

    An impressive collection of 26 bones, 100 ligaments and 20 muscles in the feet means that activating acupressure points on your soles does wonders for the entire body. Used in traditional Chinese medicine to release blocked energy, it’s a speedy self-care practice that cleverly supports wellbeing. Au revoir sore feet and high stress levels…

    Shop Scentered Five Minute Acupressure Foot Mat & De-Stress Mindful Aromatherapy Balm at The Drop, £29.50

  • Sleep Goddess Slumber Beauty Sleep Shower Mist

    Sleep Goddess Slumber Shower Sleep Mist
    The Drop: Sleep Goddess Slumber shower sleep mist

    If you’ve dreamed about turning your nighttime showers into a spa-level relaxing experience, prepare to be metaphorically lullabied. 

    Created by the brand’s insomniac founder Laurelle, simply place a few scoops of the essential oil-packed powder in the corner of your shower and let its soothing scent fill the steamy air. With a saving of more than 15% off exclusively on The Drop, your dreams will be even better.

  • Sundry Skincare Ice Globes

    Sundry Skincare_Ice Globes
    The Drop: Sundry Skincare Ice Globes

    Ice globes are everywhere on Instagram right now, and for good reason. Pop them in the fridge or freezer then roll over the eyes, forehead, cheeks and jawline – the depuffing action is pretty much instant. 

    This acclaimed facial tool boasts multiple cryotherapy benefits – depuffing tired eyes, soothing acne and redness, plus brightening skin and blood circulation-enhancing properties – so it’s no wonder everyone has been raving about them.

    Shop Sundry Skincare Ice Globes at The Drop, £36

  • Narloa Pink Detox Bath Soak

    Narloa Detox Bath Soak
    The Drop: Narloa Detox Bath Soak

    Sometimes all we need is a bath to soothe our daily stresses. But when you need something more indulgent than Epsom salts, we suggest looking in the direction of Narloa’s Pink Detox Bath Salts.

    Founded in 2017 by Hannah Nwoko, everything she creates uses ingredients in their most natural, effective state, so it’s suitable for those with sensitive skin. Made from a blend of energising dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, dried rose petals, ylang ylang and bergamot, this bath soak is no exception.

    Shop Narloa Pink Detox Bath Soak at The Drop, £14

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