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What is it about Disney princesses that we love so much? Is it that they can all sing beautifully? They get to live in a castle? Or the fact that they have a handsome prince on tap?

If we were being cynical, we'd say it's none of the above. Actually, it's because they get to rock the best clothes, the most outlandish make-up and ridiculously long hair without being ridiculed. We tried the hair-down-to-the-bum look once but we got it caught in the doors of the number 38.

But it's not just the princesses who get to do this. Oh no. Even the baddies and villains get to look brilliantly over-the-top as well. Here, we've picked 15 of the best looks as seen in Disney movies.

Think we've missed any out? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Ariel - The Quiff

    There's something very Tiffani Amber Thiessen circa Saved By The Bell about Ariel's hair. On paper, the quiff Ariel sports sounds dreadful but actually it's very becoming. If you want to get the look yourself, we suggest growing out your fringe and then sweeping it to the side. Oh, and dying your hair a dramatic red.

  • Belle's Half up half down

    This is the moment when Belle is transformed from provincial girl to a sophisticated woman. Because of that her hairstyle has to match, and the half-up half-down 'do is perfect for an evening of dancing with the Beast.

  • Cruella de Vil's badger hair

    In the world of beauty, there's little we love more than a great two-tone hair job. Cruella's suits her perfectly, not just because it matches her love of black and white dalmatian spots, but also because it gives her a terrifying edge.

  • Pocahontas' red lips

    No other Disney princess rocks a red lip as well as Pocahontas.

  • Jasmine's plaited hair

    What do you do with a barnet that stretches almost to the ground? Tie it up in several sections and secure with a lovely jewel headband à la Jasmine.

  • Cinderella's hair band

    Cinderella's Fairy Godmother must be proud of her handiwork, especially the up do she gives her. Witness how the sparkling grey dress also matches the thick sparkly headband. It's all very Blair Waldorf.

  • Aurora's blow dry

    There's nothing better than a blow dry. Aurora proves it's the ultimate hairstyle when it comes to being a princess.

  • Maleficent's eyebrows

    Despite what Tyra Banks taught us about 'smizing', eyebrows are pretty important. Without them you'd find it hard to express anything with your face. Maleficent's pair are really just the most extraordinary of eyebrows. Perfectly arched to demonstrate her utter contempt for Aurora and her kingdom, and absolutely terrifying.

  • Meg's hair

    A high ponytail is never a bad choice. Simple and chic.

  • Mulan's top knot

    When Mulan's masquerading a chap, she has to hide all that lovely dark hair in a bun. Luckily for her she's been on trend for sometime now, as that top-knot style isn't seeing any signs of disappearing.

  • Belle's Hair Bow

    Clearly, Laura Bailey had been watching Beauty and the Beast when she decided to wear a bow in her hair during last season's London Fashion Week. We'll now be copying this look at every opportunity.

  • Ursula's nails

    There are so many great elements of Ursula's make-up (no, really). From the shock of white hair to the red lips, or how about the green eyeshadow that goes all the way up to her perfectly arched eyebrows? Ultimately, it's her red nails that steal the show. All the better to claw her enemies with.

  • Cinderella's pig tails

    Before Cindy gets transformed she has these adorable pigtails.

  • Snow White's dark bob and pale skin

    If you ever need inspiration for putting down that bottle of self-tan, then let Snow White help out. Her milky, alabaster skin is ideal for showing off her delicate red lips and raven hair.

  • Tinkerbell's fringe

    Actually, Tinkerbell gets two points here. Not only does she know how to rock bangs she's also got a top knot. Full marks.


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