From plastic-free face wash to a stress-relieving candle, here’s what our beauty team loved in September

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We round up the best skincare, make-up and wellbeing September product launches that are worth buying.

With the beginning of a new season, September brought a heap of new beauty products and trends with it. 

As well as reacquainting ourselves with a proper make-up routine, this month saw the Stylist beauty team leaning on products that would bring some wellness and relaxation into our daily regimes.

From skin-brightening serum to foolproof eyeshadow pens, here are the September launches that have earned a permanent spot on the Stylist beauty team’s dressing tables.

Shannon Peter, beauty director

  • A lipstick for the lipstick adverse


    Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour in Buff

    What is it? A creamy, balmy, super-light lipstick, now in a range of fleshy ‘nude’ shades.

    Why do you need it? If you, like me, struggle with lipstick or find it too cloying, irritating or demanding, then I have a feeling you’ll get on fairly well with this formula, as it doesn’t act much like a traditional lipstick at all.

    Why is it brilliant? Not only are the shades much closer to the spectrum of natural lip pigments than most (Buff is literally my lip tone, only shinier), the payoff is enough to add a subtle tint, but not so bold that it requires meticulous maintenance. I never, ever wear lipstick, but for some reason I just can’t stop reaching for this one.

    Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour in Buff, £25

  • The sheerest skin tint you’ll ever find


    Trinny London BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum

    What is it? A skin-brightening serum with just a smidge of pigment.

    Why do you need it? Now that the weather has turned, my skin is looking a bit dull and dreary, but having gone the entirety of lockdown without foundation, I’m not particularly keen on slapping on a tonne of base products just yet. Feel the same? This subtly-pigmented serum is the answer.

    Why is it brilliant? Firstly, it has brilliant skincare credentials. It dials back the fatiguing effects of stress using a particularly potent form of neurophroline, an ingredient that inhibits the production of cortisol. And it also contains skin-defending antioxidants and plumping hyaluronic acid. But it’s the coverage that I’m particularly keen on. Even more sheer than a tinted moisturiser, it has this uncanny ability to make skin look brighter and more uniform, without really dispensing much detectable pigment at all. I’m sold.

    Trinny London BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum, £39

  • A solid skin cleanser with zero compromise


    Sbtrct Gentle Foaming Cleanser

    What is it? A solid, plastic-free face wash.

    Why do you need it? I’ll be honest, I never thought solid skincare would catch on, as the first iterations didn’t have the finesse of traditional liquid formulas. But I was wrong, and brands like Sbtrct are proving that completely plastic-free, efficacious skincare is possible.

    Why is it brilliant? It may look like a bar of soap, but don’t worry, this cleansing bar doesn’t have the same drying, squeaky-clean effect. Instead, its made by milling vegetable-derived emollients to nourish the skin, and surfactants sourced from coconut to give it a satisfying level of froth. I use it as a second cleanser, after melting down SPF with an oil-based formula.

    Sbtrct Gentle Foaming Cleanser, £22

Lucy Partington, beauty editor

  • The lightweight, ultra-glowy foundation


    Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

    What is it? A super-lightweight foundation that has serious longevity.

    Why do you need it? Everybody needs a Chanel foundation in their arsenal; this one is probably the best the brand has ever launched.

    Why is it brilliant? My life mission is to have glowy, healthy-looking, hydrated skin and this foundation gives me all of that and so much more. Sheer but buildable, Chanel’s latest foundation launch is available in 45 shades, and is formulated with ultra-fine pigment so it will never look cakey on skin, instead it adds a natural glow while evening out skin. It’s perfect for the working-from-home ‘no make-up, make-up look’, or it can be easily layered up to create a full coverage look. I apply with a slightly damp foundation sponge and am continually amazed at how good it makes my skin look – this is my favourite foundation launch in a long time.

    Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, £41

  • The blusher for people who hate blusher


    Beauty Pie Super Cheek Cream Blush in Bare Blush

    What is it? Sheer blusher that easily melts into skin.

    Why do you need it? If, like me, you have an irrational fear of blusher then you need to try these – which have been created in partnership with Hannah Martin, one of my favourite make-up artists.

    Why is it brilliant? For the whole of my adult life I’ve been scared of wearing blusher; growing up I always had red cheeks which meant I never wanted to draw even more attention to them, but I’ve finally found a product that makes me look alive without giving me flashbacks of playschool. The product in question is Beauty Pie Super Cheek Cream Blush in Bare Blush, which is a muted, almost dusky pink shade with a matte finish. It melts beautifully into skin, is impossible to apply wrong and – most importantly – has a very natural finish. I’m obsessed.

    Beauty Pie Super Cheek Cream Blush in Bare Blush, £25 (or £7.94 for members)

  • The multi-tasking hydration mist


    Elemental Herbology Antioxidant Hydration Mist

    What is it? A lightweight face spray packed with antioxidants.

    Why do you need it? If a facial mist isn’t already part of your routine then you need to add one in ASAP. This one is perfect to use after cleansing morning and night.

    Why is it brilliant? Formulated with rose damask water, an antioxidant that protects against environmental damage, rose damask oil to deeply moisturise and glycerin to lock hydration into skin, this fine mist lightly coats skin helping to inject much-needed life back into it any time of the day. I love to use a mist post-cleanse morning and night if my skin feels a bit tight, but I’ve also found myself reaching for this one during the day thanks to its soothing, calming scent.

    Elemental Herbology Antioxidant Hydration Mist, £30

  • The scribble-and-blend eyeshadow pen


    Maybelline Color Strike Eyeshadow Pen in Tempt

    What is it? A cream-to-powder eyeshadow stick that takes next to no time to apply.

    Why do you need it? Packed with pigment but super quick to use, there’s no fall out and it lasts all day – even without primer.

    Why is it brilliant? I love wearing eyeshadow, especially now masks are commonplace. Sometimes, though, it can be so time consuming to apply and blend out, but Maybelline’s Color Strike eyeshadow pens literally take seconds. I’ve been using Tempt, a deep burgundy which does look a bit scary at first, but it blends out into a beautiful, effortless smokey eye – and it makes a refreshing change from my usual neutral browns and golds. The applicator doubles up as a smudger that works to blend the colour upwards and out, as well as being perfect for applying under my lash line.

    Maybelline Color Strike Eyeshadow Pen in Tempt, £7.99

Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer

  • The candle that melts away stress


    Hayo’u Scented Candle

    What is it? A hand-poured vegan candle filled with aromatherapy scents.

    Why do you need it? Let’s be honest: times are rough and it’s cold. And when things are like this, lighting a gorgeously-scented candle sits right up there with the same joys you find in a warm bath or fresh bed sheets.

    Why is it brilliant? Harnessing the stress-relieving and mood-boosting benefits of aromatherapy, this candle contains Hayo’u’s signature scent: a blend of lotus flower, frankincense, lemongrass and ylang ylang essential oils. One sniff and you will instantly feel zen.

    Hayo’u Scented Candle, £48

  • The cooling gel masks for tired eyes


    bareMinerals Skinlongevity Green Tea Herbal Eye Mask 

    What is it? Soothing undereye gel masks.

    Why do you need it? Between excessive computer screen use, comfort Netflix bingeing and TikTok scrolling, it’s completely understandable that your eyes may be feeling more tired and sore than usual. Pop these eye masks in the fridge, pop them on and enjoy instant comfort.

    Why is it brilliant? These eye masks are infused with antioxidant green tea extract and willow herb extract, both of which are known for their soothing, energising and calming properties.

    bareMinerals Skinlongevity Green Tea Herbal Eye Mask, £27

  • The skin-softening hand and body wash


    Neom Great Day Hand & Body Wash and Lotion

    What is it? Scented hand and body wash in sustainable packaging.

    Why do you need it? Neom has created an uplifting hand and wash body scent that will deliver a mood boost at the sink.

    Why is it brilliant? Both formulas are formulated with 100% natural wild mint and mandarin oils, along with six other essential oils. Despite the fragrance, it isn’t drying, thanks to added softening aloe vera and nourishing shea butter. Additionally, the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable after use, too.

    Neom Great Day Hand & Body Wash and Lotion, £40

  • The intensely hydrating face mask


    Ameliorate Restorative Facial Mask 

    What is it? A super hydrating overnight face mask.

    Why do you need it? Skin feeling a bit drier with the change in seasons? This face mask is packed full of hydration heroes to maintain moisture levels while protecting skin.

    Why is it brilliant? This clever formula contains hyaluronic acid, plant-based squalane and ceramides; three of the skincare world’s most hydrating ingredients. As well as leaving skin plumper and softer, this mask also works to support and strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Pop it on at night, let it get to work while you sleep and wash it off in the morning.

    Ameliorate Restorative Facial Mask, £30

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