2020 vision: 10 brilliant new beauty products you need to know about now

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With every new year comes a new raft of beauty innovations set to upgrade your routine. Set your sights on the new league of revolutionary formulas poised to define the coming decade. 

The beauty industry has come a long way in the past 10 years and 2020’s latest innovations are set to stand the test of time.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that this coming year’s glut of launches are the most innovative yet, set to arm us with the defences required to battle our new, modern lifestyles. Beauty has gone beyond the aesthetics  – we want strong skin, healthy hair and products that make us feel good, not simply ‘look better’. 

Get ready for pollution protection that shields skin not only from the smog and grime outside, but the blue light and dust inside. Make space in your shower for shampoos that strip the water not your hair and prepare for moisturisers that don’t just do the simple job of hydrating, but adapt to your skin’s needs throughout the day. 

Below, you’ll find the Stylist beauty team’s edit of the most exciting new beauty products launching in 2020. The future of beauty is upon us… 

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The best new beauty products for 2020

  • The Super Speed Moisturiser


    Shiseido Vital Perfection Uplifting And Firming Day Cream, £100

    What is it? A fast-action face cream that brings back bounce.

    Why do you need it? We’re far busier than we were even a decade ago, existing in a world of instant gratification with our impatience extending to skincare too – just look to the rise of intensive but instantaneous treatments such as peels, lasers and micro-needling for proof. Imagine if you could get a similar fast-action result from a pot of moisturiser. That’s exactly what Shiseido’s latest Vital Perfection moisturiser promises.

    Why is it brilliant? Through years of research into how the skin and central nervous system communicate, Shiseido discovered that as skin gets older, the communication between fibroblasts (the cells responsible for your skin tissue’s framework) gets weaker and the number of them decreases. Fewer fibroblasts leads to a depletion of collagen and elastin and thus weaker, less-resilient skin. This cream, however, contains safflower extract, Bulgarian rose water and odoriko botanical extract, each found to help fibroblasts regenerate – fast. The result? Bouncier, stronger, firmer skin.

  • The Unparalled Lash Primer


    Max Factor False Lash Effect Max Out Primer, £11.99

    What is it? A blue-tinted lash primer for lashes that look thicker and fuller.

    Why do you need it? No matter how thickening the formula is, how dark the pigments are or how easy to steer the brush is, we always want more from our mascara. It’s no wonder then that the global false lash market is set to be worth $1.65billion by 2025, given their guaranteed results. Don’t have time for fiddly falsies? Max Factor’s latest innovation requires only a couple of extra swipes, but delivers dense, fluttery, ultra-dark lashes without the faff.

    Why is it brilliant? Where standard mascara primers use bright white pigments to bulk out lashes, this one boasts blue pigments which (as well as making the whites of the eyes look brighter) give the impression of a deeper, darker shade when layered with black mascara. It also contains micro fibres that cling to lashes, making them look wider and longer, while the brush has hundreds of tightly packed silicone bristles to stop clumps from forming.

  • The Oxygen Boosting Serum


    Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Night Ritual, £156

    What is it? The glow-inducing effects of an oxygen facial, bottled.

    Why do you need it? We’ve all experienced the transformative powers of a good night’s sleep on our mood, but does it automatically equal good skin? Not exactly. Guerlain’s latest research has highlighted the role hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) plays in the appearance of skin. Being propped up against a pillow at night restricts the oxygen supply to the skin, causing cell regeneration to slow down, and a complexion that can be aggravated and puffy come morning.

    Why is it brilliant? The formula consists of micro-droplets smaller than skin cells which travel into deeper layers of the skin and boost cell respiration. Mitigating the risk of hypoxia, skin cells can work business-as-usual to replenish overnight, so you wake up with a complexion that’s brighter and bouncier. The dream.

  • The Hard Water Hair Hero


    Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo, £24

    What is it? The shampoo equivalent of a deep clean car valet.

    Why do you need it? We may be lucky enough to have some of the cleanest tap water in the world, yet 60% of UK households have hard water, which contains a notable amount of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. While this doesn’t necessarily pose a health risk, it isn’t particularly good news for hair. Depositing these minerals as you wash, hard water can leave hair rough and dry, not to mention dull, as it can drain the pigment from coloured hair.

    Why is it brilliant? As well as fighting scalp-blocking pollution and product build-up, Living Proof’s new shampoo contains chelating agents, which bind to the metal ions that make up the minerals in hard water, rinsing them down the plughole along with the suds. It also uses activated charcoal to mop up excess oil on the hair and scalp, leaving hair feeling clean, but not squeaky.

  • The Glowing Complexion Guardian


    Clinique Superdefense SPF40 Fatigue+ 1st Signs Of Age Multi-Correcting Gel, £42

    What is it? An all-in-one skincare multitasker to rouse tired skin.

    Why do you need it? When you’re exhausted, your skin is often the first place to show the signs of fatigue. But since you’re already lacking in energy, where are you supposed to find the drive to roll up your sleeves and delve into a 10-step at-home facial? Step up Clinique’s newest formula, designed to reboot fatigued skin and swat away the external aggressors that aim to tire it out even further.

    Why is it brilliant? There isn’t much this gel can’t do: caffeine helps to boost cellular energy to revive dullness; creatine powers skin cells to produce more collagen; vitamin C and E provide an invisible armour to block the harmful free radicals found in blue light; pearl extracts add a soft-focus glow; and a blend of seven superfoods, which read more like the ingredients of our well-intentioned January juice plan, help to protect and rejuvenate tired, lacklustre complexions. On top of this, it contains a sturdy factor 40 SPF to protect against sun damage. Somehow it all fits in one small pot.

  • The Multi-vitamin Self-tan


    St Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Mist, £31

    What is it? A daily multivitamin in self-tan form.

    Why do you need it? We know staying out of the sun is the best thing we can do for skin health, but this comes with a downside. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, around 25% of the UK population is deficient in vitamin D due to lack of sun. This can lead to skin concerns such as dermatitis or severe dryness. In the coming decade, expect a glut of products designed to increase levels of this precious vitamin. First up is St Tropez’s new self-tan.

    Why is it brilliant? Beetroot extract and naturally occurring sugars stimulate the production of vitamin D in the skin. The result – besides a glowing tan – is skin that is more hydrated and better able to defend against pollution.

  • The Indoor and Outdoor Skin Saviour


    Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro Multi-Defence Aqua UV Gel SPF50, £36

    What is it? A shielding serum that protects skin outside and indoors.

    Why do you need it? Pollution protection has been part of the skincare vernacular for years. We know just how damaging rising UVA/ UVB levels, exhaust fumes and other outdoor pollutants can be, causing inflammation, sensitisation and a hindered skin barrier, and that’s just for starters. As we enter 2020, however, focus is set to turn to the effects of indoor pollutants, from second-hand smoke to infrared radiation, micro dust to blue light. The only place for skin to hide is under this super-charged serum.

    Why is it brilliant? Sure, Estée Lauder’s new formula protects against the usual roll call of sun rays and pollution particles, all while lacing skin in moisture courtesy of cactus extracts. But the blend of eight potent antioxidants, from tiger lily to green tea extract, also helps to neutralise indoor pollution, shielding skin from all enemies.

  • The Protein Shake for Hair


    L’Oréal Paris Elvive Full Resist Power Mask, £12.99

    What is it? A once-a-week hair booster designed to strengthen hair and limit shedding and breakage.

    Why do you need it? Hair shedding is completely normal. In fact, around 25% of UK women say they have hair that breaks and falls when brushing or styling. In 2019, Google searches around hair fall were up 21%. As it’s a natural part of the life cycle of hair, you can expect to drop between 50 and 100 hairs a day. However, if you start to notice more hairs on your brush than usual (a condition called telogen effluvium that can be caused by various factors, from giving birth to illness and stress), rather than worrying about thinning hair, you can take action. Enter, L’Oréal’s powerful new hair mask.

    Why is it brilliant? Inspired by the fitness industry, this rich and creamy formula contains a cocktail of three hair-strengthening supplements – biotin, vitamin B5 and arginine – which together penetrate the hair shaft to scaffold weakened hair fibres. It’s so effective, clinical trials found that there was half as much hair left on brushes in the morning after just one use of the mask.

  • The Self-adjusting Moisturiser


    Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Enviro-Adapt Day Cream, £185

    What is it? A moisturiser that pre-empts skin needs and delivers solutions.

    Why do you need it? Given that our environment changes multiple times throughout the day – we often move between moisture-zapping central heating to icy temperatures outside to sweaty, polluted trains all within a matter of minutes – and each climate presents different skin challenges, wouldn’t it be incredible if skincare could keep up? Your wish has been granted.

    Why is it brilliant? The crux of this cream is a technology that Elemis calls Climatic Shock Adaptor. In plain English, that means it contains a moss extract known for its ability to weather all kinds of climates. Ridiculously hydrating, it physically supports the skin barrier, allowing it to cope under every type of climatic stress you can throw at it, all the while drip-feeding skin with slow-release water-encapsulated algae as and when it detects changes in factors such as temperature and humidity. Better still, invisible molecules form a veil on the skin’s surface to shield against incoming pollutants. To sum up, this cream is genius.

  • The Skincare-boosting Essence


    Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Micro Capsules Skin Replenishing Essence, £45

    What is it? A post-cleanse treatment powered by algae.

    Why do you need it? This year, essences are set to become a skincare stalwart. Thicker than toner but thinner than serum, they’re fluid enough to seep into skin faster, injecting revitalising ingredients and improving its ability to absorb moisturiser. 

    Why is it brilliant? Think of skin like a sponge. When it’s dry, getting cream to penetrate beyond the outer surface is tricky; wet the sponge, though, and the cream will travel into the sponge much more smoothly. The tsubaki oil ferment in Elizabeth Arden’s new essence has a similar softening effect on the skin, enabling it to soak up moisturiser more efficiently. It also delivers a hit of red algae which boosts the production of barrier-building ceramides.

Images: Courtesy of brands

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