New beauty products: from a clay mask to curl gel, here's what our beauty team loved in June

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Whether you’re looking for a golden base for your make-up, a soothing face mask or a lightweight body moisturiser, these are the best skincare, make-up, hair and nail products that launched in June 2020.

During lockdown, many of us have made changes to our usual beauty routines. Some have taken to applying hair masks more often than usual, while others have scaled back their make-up in favour of intensive skincare.

But even though we’re all currently working from home, the Stylist beauty team has still been trialling and testing new product launches – so that we can bring you news of what it’s actually worth spending your money on.

Read on for our favourite new products that launched in June…

Lucy Partington, beauty editor, picks:

  • The golden glow booster

    Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer in Golden, £92

    What is it? It’s a new, updated version of VB’s Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer with a beautiful golden sheen to brighten even the dullest of complexions.

    Why do you need it? It makes for the perfect make-up base and the golden hue instantly illuminates and nourishes skin.

    Why is it brilliant? It’s formulated with Augustinus Bader’s patented complex, which – for the uninitiated – works to encourage cell turnover and activates the skin’s regenerative process. Over time that helps reduce pore size and fine lines while leaving it stronger and healthier. 

  • The hardworking mist

    Balance Me PHA Clarifying Mist, £18

    What is it? A daily face mist formulated with PHAs (polyhydroxy acid) to gently exfoliate skin.

    Why do you need it? Face mists have become a new non-negotiable in my skincare routine, and this one is as soothing and refreshing as it is hardworking thanks to the addition of PHAs. My blemish-prone, sometimes-oily skin loves it.

    Why is it brilliant? As well as working to hydrate skin, this mist combines gentle exfoliating acids with antibacterial ingredients that help minimise the appearance of pores, calm blemishes and tackle shine – all without causing any irritation. 

  • The miracle hair mask

    Philip Kingsley Orange Blossom Deep Condition Treatment

    Philip Kingsley Mayan Vanilla and Orange Blossom Elasticizer, £30.60

    What is it? A cult pre-shampoo mask that has the most satisfying summer scent.

    Why do you need it? For anyone who hasn’t heard of Elasticizer, prepare for it to change your hair’s life. Suitable for all hair types, it adds moisture to hair and helps strengthen it while making it smooth and shiny.

    Why is it brilliant? Believe me when I say you just need to try it, I promise there will be no regrets. My hair is never better than when I’ve used Elasticizer, and this new vanilla and orange blossom scent smells like tropical heaven. 

  • The power serum

    Dr Sam’s Flawless Brightly Serum, £44

    What is it? A daily cream packed with blemish-busting azaelaic acid, brightening vitamin C and soothing niacinamide.

    Why do you need it? This really is a does-it-all serum. I’ve been using it every day for almost a month and the improvement in my skin’s clarity is incredible. It’s brighter, much more even and the redness has been taken down a notch or two.

    Why is it brilliant? I bang on about the joy of azelaic acid so much, but it’s the one ingredient I consistently get results from and it’s never irritated my skin. Suitable to use every day, this serum is lightweight but packs a real punch. I’d go as far as calling it a game changer in my routine. 

Kiran Meeda, beauty assistant, picks:

  • The easy hair hydrator

    It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In, £17.50

    What is it? A fresh-smelling leave-in conditioner that you spritz onto wet hair.

    Why do you need it? This leave-in product will smooth and define your natural hair, whether it’s curly, wavy or straight. It leaves a natural sheen and gives hair body.

    Why is it brilliant? In one spritz, this hair elixir tackles mutliple concerns. My curly hair is more defined, feels silkier and looks hydrated.

  • The light and luxurious body moisturiser

    The Body Shop Special Edition Zesty Lemon Body Yoghurt, £9

    What is it? A delicious smelling lemon-infused body moisturiser that soothes skin.

    Why do you need it? If you know about The Body Shop’s original body yoghurts and love the lightweight, easily absorbable formula, this is the summer edition. The fresh lemon scent makes it a perfect summer moisturiser when you want softer skin that isn’t sticky.

    Why is it brilliant? The moisturiser is so lightweight, but doesn’t compromise on how nourishing it is. You only need a tiny scoop to cover each limb and the gel-like cream dissolves almost immediately.

  • The nourishing nail repair treatment

    L’Atelier Green SOS Damaged Nails, £19.99

    What is it? A rescue formula for damaged or over-polished nails.

    Why do you need it? Nail polish and nail polish remover can disrupt the natural moisture balance of your nail. The SOS treatment works as a base coat to strengthen and reharded nail beds that seem thinner and fragile.

    Why is it brilliant? It leaves a really natural sheen and over a week the bamboo, biotin and cocoa butter-infused formula nourishes nails back to health.

Shannon Peter, beauty director, picks:

  • The gentle clay mask

    Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask, £29.99

    What is it? So much more than its Insta-worthy facade, this much-hyped clay mask is brilliant for all skin types.

    Why do you need it? When it comes to face masks, clay formulas are notoriously good at drawing out dirt, pollution and excess sebum from the pores. Problem is, many traditional formulas seem to suck all the moisture out of skin at the same time. So what do you do if you have dry or dehydrated skin congestion? Well, here’s the answer.

    Why is it brilliant? Made from a mixture of white and red clay, the formula isn’t as aggressive as neat red clay, meaning it won’t inflame sensitive skin, nor will it completely rinse the complexion of all moisture. Plus, it contains aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe the skin as it deeply cleanses. I’ve been using once a week on my congested nose and have started to see a real difference.

  • The curl reinforcement gel

    Imbue Curl Empowering Creme Gel, £6.99

    What is it? A lightweight gel to scaffold flimsy curls.

    Why do you need it? If you have curls that have a tendency to drop or unfurl throughout the day, hair gel will give them backbone. Many gels render curls stiff and crispy – not this one.

    Why is it brilliant? A halfway house between a styling cream and a gel, it really feels like it’s nourishing the hair while at the same time strengthening the curl, and it isn’t in the slightest bit sticky. I scrunch a 20p size blob into my hair before diffuser drying. At first, there is a little bit of crunch. But as the brand’s ambassador Michelle Sultan taught me, this is just the gel forming a veil over each curl to keep it coiled and perky while it dries. Once it is dry, you simply scrunch the hair once more to break the curl casing. Hair feels bouncy and the crispiness is gone.

  • The skin soothing highlighter

    Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Cooling Highlighter in Sultry Shine, £23

    What is it? The highlighter equivalent of a face mist.

    Why do you need it? There’s been a real surge of make-up products with skincare benefits, and this new highlighter from Estee Lauder fits perfectly into that camp.

    Why is it brilliant? Firstly, the ease of application. You simply swipe the globe over the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose and over the cupid’s bow before patting with your finger to blend. But it’s the balm-gel formula that’s particularly special. It’s super thin, so you aren’t left with big metallic stripes across the face, but it’s also loaded with a shot of water that feels cool as you apply. 

  • The aromatherapeutic cleanser

    Skin Alchemists Humble Warrior Cleansing Oil, £30

    What is it? I’m sneaking this one in because it’s not NEW-new, but I did discover it in June. It’s a decadent oil cleanser that calms the mind as it cleans the skin.

    Why do you need it? In my opinion, oil cleansers are the best at breaking down make-up, SPF and dirt, while at the same time plying skin with nourishment. This one does all that and then some.

    Why is it brilliant? As well as skin-nourishing oils, this cleanser blends the incredible scents of lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot oils which make every second on sink time all the more enjoyable.

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