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9 best beauty subscription boxes to subscribe to in 2022

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Vetted by Stylist’s beauty desk, these are the beauty subscription boxes we’re most excited by. 

We all love a beauty subscription box. Nothing sparks joy like the delivery of an assortment of beauty favourites through our letterbox each month (keep scrolling for our best picks below). However, since subscription beauty boxes first appeared almost eight years ago, they have excited and disappointed in equal measure. Once the novelty of receiving fun post wears off, we need to be left with something a lot more satisfying – this is where the new breed of subscription boxes comes in.

Now, function prevails over one-size-fits-all thanks to services that deliver practical items such as tampons, razors and toothbrushes, as well as curl and coil-specific hair products. 

Can you gift a beauty subscription box?

Undoubtedly, yes! Subscription boxes are functional and thoughtful – they make the best gift subscriptions, especially as they might not be something someone would treat themselves to. If someone you love is struggling to find much-needed self-care time, then try a wellness subscription box that houses little monthly pick-me-ups to help them schedule in some well-deserved me-time.

(There’s even a website – – that stocks almost every subscription box ever made from all over the world. They sell everything from witchy crystal editions to Korean sheet mask boxes.)

It’s fair to say we’re spoilt for choice on beauty subscription boxes, so read on to find out which ones are top of Stylist’s list. Go forth and treat yourself – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. 

The best beauty subscription boxes 2022

1. Skin + Me

Best beauty subscription box 2022: Skin+Me
Best beauty subscription box 2022: Skin+Me

A personalised approach to your skincare regimen, Skin+Me works by creating a bespoke routine that tackles your specific skin concerns. From skin ageing to melasma, acne, rosacea, fine lines, dark spots, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation and menopause, the dermatology team kit you out with topical solutions to achieve your skincare goals. 

First, you’ll go through a virtual consultation, explaining your skin type and setting out your skin goals. Then, you’ll pop over three pictures of your skin to give the team at Skin+Me a visual reference to work from. The dermatology team will then design a personalised routine and send it straight to you every month. 

There are also consistent check-ins with the dermatology team to keep track of the progress your skin has made or if there’s anything you’d like to change.

For the first month, you’ll pay the £3.50 pharmacy fee. Then, the subscription costs £29.99 per month. You can cancel and restart at any time at

2. Beauty Pie

Best beauty subscription box Beauty Pie Box
Best beauty subscription box 2022: Beauty Pie

Arguably the most well-known beauty subscription going, Beauty Pie is all about transparency. Where a luxury beauty or skincare product could be majorly marked up for the label, a very similar formulation from Beauty Pie could cost just a quarter of that. Factory prices for luxury cosmetics – the dream, right?

More a subscription than a subscription box (although, it does get delivered in a box), Beauty Pie is a way to stock your bathroom shelf with efficacious products that punch well above their price point. Sold. 

One-time fee from £10, annual prices from £59 at

3. Mintd

Best beauty subscription box Mintd
Best beauty subscription box 2022: Mintd

You might have noticed your Instagram feed slowly being overtaken by bathroom shelfies, but filling yours with lust-worthy brands can cost more than a month’s rent. That’s where Mintd comes in. They’ll post you four or five full-size products or deluxe samples from brands such as Oskia and Malin+Goetz. 

Take a quiz to tailor your box, then opt for monthly or bi-monthly delivery. That gives you enough time to properly trial the products and get the perfect Instagram shot before the shiny new ones arrive.

£70 every 1 or 2 months, 

4. The Beauty Drop by Liberty London

Best beauty subscription box Liberty of London
Best beauty subscription box 2022: The Beauty Drop by Liberty London

A luxe subscription box, The Beauty Drop by Liberty London is a must-have for skincare addicts and make-up maestros alike.

Curated by the in-house beauty buyers at Liberty, The Beauty Drop is a quarterly edit of the best beauty buys from the world-famous department store. For just £20 per month (which is fully redeemable against future purchases), you’ll receive four Liberty-approved beauty boxes a year, each bursting with premium beauty buys. 

Not only that, but membership to The Beauty Drop means you’ll also gain exclusive members-only access to expert advice, how-to videos, offers and exclusive rewards.

From £20 a month, you’ll receive four discovery boxes per year as well as free delivery on all beauty orders. The monthly subscription fee (£20) is fully redeemable credit to be used on beauty at any time of the year at

5. Curls Club

Best beauty subscription box 2022: Curls Club

It’s always a great time to experiment with different products and this is where Curls Club comes in. Created for people with curly hair, this clever box contains a line-up of carefully selected items that will hydrate, define and protect your curls.

There are two main services available. First, there’s a limited-edition bi-monthly subscription that contains a curated edit by a different expert every time. Each box is packed with a full hair wash routine that has been tried and tested by industry experts, meaning you can see how well they really work. While the products are worth between £70-80, the box costs £45. Or you can opt for one of Curl Club’s everyday essential boxes known as “the weekender” for just £17.

£17 for a standard box or £45 for a limited edition bi-monthly box,

6. Glossybox

Best beauty subscription box Glossybox
Best beauty subscription box 2022: Glossybox

If you’re getting a make-up and skincare subscription box, you’d expect some variety – and Glossybox delivers exactly that. Their previous boxes have included favoured products from Huda Beauty, EOS, Rituals and Nails Inc, alongside a host of brilliant independent skincare brands. You’ll also be able to see previews of what that month’s box contains ahead of time on their website if the anticipation becomes too overwhelming. Considering every box has products worth over £50, paying almost a quarter of the price is pretty good value.

From £11.75 a month,

7. Friction Free Shaving

beauty subscription box shaving body
Best beauty subscription box 2022: Friction Free Shaving

As the first razor delivery service just for women, the excellently named FFS is on a mission to make shaving as hassle-free as possible. Blunt razors are quite literally a pain and can lead to infection and in-grown hairs if not replaced every four to six weeks. 

Each box comes with a sleek razor and two replacement stainless-steel blades to give the smoothest shave we’ve ever encountered. The razor head can pivot 90-degrees to glide across knees and ankles. If you don’t use all your blades, you can request to hold off on deliveries until you need them, plus you can add on shave creams and scrubs as needed. It seriously takes the pain out of hair removal

£9.95 a month, 

8. Curls Allowed

beauty subscription box curly hair skin care wellness makeup
Best beauty subscription box 2022: Curls Allowed

Black women spend six times more on hair care than anyone else, yet the amount of afro hair products on the high street doesn’t reflect this at all. Curls Allowed offers a mixture of cult and emerging brands that cater to curly, wavy and kinky hair types.

The edits are very much approved by the curly-haired members of Stylist’s beauty team, and it’s pretty much your entire wash-day routine in one handy delivery. 

£17 a month, 

9. Ordo

beauty subscription box teeth cleaning whitening
Best beauty subscription box 2022: Ordo

More than two-thirds of us forget to replace our toothbrushes as regularly as we should (leaving it nine months instead of the recommended three to four). But Ordo is here to change our bad habits by delivering a slicker-than-your-average electric toothbrush with a replacement head arriving every other month. 

Also in your first box is a full-size tube of sensitive whitening toothpaste, a mini travel tube, AAA batteries, a travel cap and a brush stand. Plus, there’s the option of a couples’ package and either a charcoal grey, silver or chic rose gold brush. 

£55 for a starter kit,

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