Self-care in self-isolation: “How body scrubbing helps me find a moment of calm in my day”

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We’re all finding new ways to bring relaxation into our days. For Stylist’s senior beauty writer, she discovered it in the pouch of a body scrub.

In these strange and unnerving times, we’re all trying to navigate a new routine and attempting to create pockets of calm along the way. For me, I’ve discovered one place where I can infuse a serving of relaxation into my day: the shower. Here, I’m able to give myself an extended head massage while I apply shampoo to my hair. I’m able to pour restorative bath oil into my hands, inhaling the scent deeply with every breath. Finally - and probably most effectively - I can take the time to scrub my body.

Once I’ve made my skin wet in the shower, I turn off the water, grab my favourite body scrub of the moment, Delhicious Original Black Tea Body Scrub, £7.95, and sit down. With granulated scrubs like this, it’s easy to make a mess and almost impossible to avoid – but it’s worth it. I scoop a handful out of the pink pouch and begin to gently rub it across my damp skin in circular motions.


In this moment, I feel nothing but calm. I think it comes down to the sense of touch – something we’re all deprived of at the moment. In a world where we have to stay inside and consciously need to maintain a two-metre distance at all times (anybody else had to cross the street during their daily walk to avoid coming in close contact with somebody else?), things feel more isolating than ever. Add to that, the fact that I’ve scrapped doing my hair or applying make-up and I don’t really take time to focus on myself.

But this simple action of stroking my skin with a body scrub makes me feel grounded. It’s a moment I can dedicate entirely to looking after myself. The blend of the scrub is inspired by Ayurvedic practices and contains Indian Assam tea and essential oils, both of which work to boost your mood and your skin. Additionally, the simple action of exfoliating your skin helps the body to rid itself of toxins, while increasing circulation.

After five minutes of scrubbing, I stand up, turn the shower back on and rinse it all off (along with remnants of the scrub that I’ve managed to get up the wall). When I’m done, my skin is the softest and smoothest it has ever felt. I rarely took the time to scrub my body before but now, I find myself reaching for that pink pouch twice a week. It makes me feel good - both inside and out.

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