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As we start to transform our indoor spaces with a new lick of paint and house plants in need of constant attention, candles are a great way to brighten or relax the mood while doing so. Stylist looks into the independent candle brands to revamp your inside aesthetic.

Like most in lockdown, I’ve developed a no holds barred passion for something I wasn’t too fussed about before. While many have taken to baking banana bread, bagels and an assortment of loaves, or even buying a bycicle to further exercise agendas, my interests have taken a scent-first approach. 

Now while I’m not too keen on having scents in my ever-expanding skincare routine, a scented candle seems the most appropriate way to indulge in a potent aroma.

We’re also becoming more mindful about where we’re sourcing beauty from. Whether it’s a wholesale marketplace for independent retailers such as Curate Beauty or start ups looking to make their mark, supporting smaller brands has always been important, but especially during Covid-19.

Stylist has curated a list of the brands you can help support. Scroll down for our picks of the best candles.

The best candles from small beauty brands

  • Our Lovely Goods Into The Woods

    Escape into the forest with this candle from Our Lovely Goods. Top notes include pine, bergamot and clove.

    £20, Into The Woods

  • Octo Italian Garden

    Created with theraputic-grade essential oils including rosemary, sweet orange and sage, Octo’s candle gives off a calming and soothing scent.

    £25, Octo London

  • The Nomad Society Banana Pancakes

    With notes of toasted pecans and caramelised bananas, this is The Nomad Society’s answer to acheiving a baking aroma – minus the mess. 

    £35, Nomad Society Co

  • Tiger & Co Golden Pear

    Sickly, sweet and slightly spice, Tiger & Co’s candle smells exactly like syrup-soaked poached pears. Having a sweet tooth doesn’t have to be damaging.

    £10, Tiger and Co

  • Self Care Co Eucalyptus and Peppermint

    With aromatherapy in mind, Self Care Co’s candle mixes calming eucalyptus oil with refreshing peppermint. 

    £25, Self Care Company

  • Pause Seaside Dream

    Craving an afternoon walk by the seaside? The candle from Pause taps into our nostalgia by including aromas of cedar, sandalwood and musk to mimic a seaside breeze.

    £10.99, Etsy

  • HEROWN The Florist

    Packed with floral scents from ivy, peony and appleblossom to honeysuckle and orchid, you don’t always have to have a fresh bouquet of flowers around when HEROWN’s candle blends their aromas together.

    £47, Her Own Store

  • Den Perfect Salted Caramel and Pistaschio

    Den Perfect’s candle combines buttery and sweet caramel with earthy pistachio and a hint of vanilla to exude the aromas of the ultimate sweet treat.

    £20, Etsy

  • Liha Queen Idia

    Leaning towards being more theraputic, Liha’s candle uses scents like lavender, hibiscus and African moss to create an uplifting, energising aroma.

    £14, Liha Beauty

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