Best Candles From Small British Beauty Brands

12 of the best candles from small British beauty brands

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Looking for ways to support small beauty businesses? Here, we round up the best independent candle brands to revamp your inside aesthetic and scent.

Candles – otherwise known as the one area of beauty we just can’t seem to get enough of. Candles for our dinner table, bubble candles for our side tables and pungent candles to aid our aromatherapy agenda, there’s simply a candle for every occasion. 

Now, while we love the Diptyques and Boy Smells of the world, it’s always nice to support burgeoning independent British beauty brands. 

At Stylist we want to make shopping from indie brands easy and herein lies our solution – The Drop by Stylist. It’s our e-commerce platform to shop everything including accessories, beauty, homeware, fashion and everything in between from over 500 brands. Not to mention, the candle offering is pretty impressive, even if we do say so ourselves.

Not sure where to start? Here’s our edit of the best candles to instantly elevate your home’s aesthetic and scent.

Scroll down for your soon-to-be favourites…

  • Jasmine Alice Home White Murex Shell Candle

    Jasmine Alice Home White Shell Candle
    The Drop: Jasmine Alice Home White Shell Candle

    If there are two things we can’t get enough of, it’s summer holidays and candles. And with Jasmine Alice Home’s white murex shell candle, our two obsessions have been combined into one stylish home accessory.

    Handmade using recycled shells, they’re filled with eco-friendly soy wax scented with bergamot oil to create the seaside accent your coffee table or bookshelf has been waiting for. Bringing Big Beach Energy to your city flat just got a whole lot easier.

    Shop Jasmine Alice Home White Murex Shell Candle at The Drop, £12.99

  • Floral Street Arizona Bloom Perfume 10ml and Sunshine Bloom Scented Candle

    Floral Street Sunshine Bloom Scented Candle
    Floral Street Sunshine Bloom Scented Candle

    This £38 exclusive bundle for The Drop contains the Arizona Bloom scent and the Sunshine Bloom candle. A multi-award winning, vegan and cruelty-free eau de parfum with 20% perfume oil for a longer-lasting scent, this is a scent made from sustainably sourced ingredients including Balinese coconut and black pepper. 

    For instant sunny, euphoric, nomadic and free-spirited vibes, it comes in a fully recyclable vibrant yellow and blue package.

    With 14% perfume oil and 40 hours’ burn time, it will fill your home or happy space with a grounding incense-infused aroma. It’s essentially the feel of summer, right now.

    Shop Floral Street Arizona Bloom Perfume 10ml and Sunshine Bloom Scented Candle at The Drop, £38

  • Originals Studio Mia Colour Block Stack Candle

    Originals Studio Coloured Stack Candles
    The Drop: Originals Studio Coloured Stack Candles

    First the bubble-cube candle flooded our Instagram feeds. Then, the spiral taper took over our candle sticks, followed quickly by a plethora of handpainted dinner candles. What’s next on the agenda, you ask? The stacked geometric candle – and Yod and Co’s creations from Originals Studio are our pick of the bunch.

    Available in two sizes and three different coloured stacks, the richly coloured paraffin-free candles are the perfect addition to your coffee table, bookshelf or sideboard. 

    While they have a 20 or 30-hour burn time, we’re not sure we could bring ourselves to light something that’s so visually pleasing…

    Shop Originals Studio ‘Mia’ Colour Block Stack Candle at The Drop, £15

  • Jasmine Alice Home Black & White Murex Shell Candle

    Jasmine Alice Home Large Shell Candle
    Jasmine Alice Home Large Shell Candle

    Native to Mexico’s Gulf of California, this murex seashell candle from Jasmine Alice Home makes a great visual statement with its milky white coating and rich, burnt-brown splodges.

    With hand-poured, eco-friendly soy wax infused with refreshing bergamot oil, it’s the ideal way to incorporate an oceanic, holiday home feel to your décor

    Shop Jasmine Alice Home Black & White Murex Shell Candle at The Drop, £14.99

  • Nightire Slumber Society Scented Candle

    Nightire Slumber Society Scented Candle
    Nightire Slumber Society Scented Candle

    If soaking in relaxing baths or dousing yourself in essential oils isn’t your thing, there’s another way to get a hit of sleep-inducing scents. “If, like me, your mind needs a little coercion to get into sleep mode, I’ve found major sleepy success with this candle,” says Stylist contributor Shannon Peter. “The melting soy wax fills your entire bedroom with wafts of lavender, rose and CBD, a potent combination that can settle even the most active of brains.”

    Made of essential oils with lemon, cedar and frankincense, and hand-poured in the UK, this one has a burn time of 40 hours. Plus a 15% saving exclusively on The Drop, it’s our new bedtime never-be-without.

    Shop Nightire Slumber Society Scented Candle at The Drop, £25

  • Pennello Studio VISO Hand-Painted Candles (Pair)

    Pennello Studio Hand Painted Candles
    Pennello Studio Hand- Painted Candles

    The whimsical painterly face trend that’s taken over the homeware world shows no sign of abating, and neither does our love of dinner candles. So, when we spotted these hand-painted Viso candles by Italian-inspired brand Pennello Studio (‘pennello’ means ‘brush’ in Italian, ‘viso’ means ‘face’), it was a match made in interiors heaven.

    Founded in March 2021 and born from a love of tablescaping, Pennello Studio’s delicate designs are the ultimate decoration for dinner parties, mantelpieces, coffee tables and bookshelves. 

    Available in four colours – including peach and pistachio, which are brand new for summer and launching exclusively on The Drop – the charmingly abstract faces are a nod to the painted face ceramics found in villages all over Puglia. Pour yourself an Aperol spritz, sit back and admire…

    Shop Pennello Studio VISO Hand-Painted Candles (Pair) at The Drop, £25

  • By Maza Ocho Candle

    By Maza Ocho Candle
    Maza Ocho Candle

    One of the upsides of lockdown? It sparked the launch of several new small-batch candle brands, and one of our favourites is By Maza. Hand-dipped by Maisie in her Peckham home studio, the array of pastel shades and statement silhouettes are just what the interior decorating doctor ordered.

    The abstract shape of By Maza’s Ocho candle – reminiscent of the female form, if you ask us – comes in pale pink, lilac, sage green and, for those who can’t decide on just one colour, tequila sunrise. 

    Please note that as every candle is handmade, please allow 5-7 business days for your order to be dispatched.

    Shop By Maza Ocho Candle at The Drop, £22

  • Aequill Black Pepper Positivity Scented Candle

    Aequill Black Pepper Positivity Scented Candle
    Aequill Black Pepper Positivity Scented Candle

    In need of a little boost? This positivity candle by Aequill has been created to give you a little pick-me-up when you need it most. 

    The black pepper scent exhibits a gentle yet robust profile – created from an essential oil blend of black pepper, vetiver, pine needle and pink peppercorn, this positivity accord works together to create a scent profile that enhances mental clarity and focus and promotes an optimistic outlook.

    Shop Aequill Black Pepper Positivity Scented Candle at The Drop, £39

  • Little Karma Co Personalised Initial Refillable Candle

    Little karma Personalised Candle
    The Drop: Little Karma Personalised Candle

    If you’re a fan of typographic prints on your walls, imagine if you could bring the same aesthetic to your sideboard, bookshelves and coffee table. Here’s where Buckinghamshire-born lifestyle brand Little Karma Co and its typographic initial candles come in.

    Available in four refillable sizes from mini (70g) to mega (3-wick 750g) and seven natural essential oil scents, including fragrant bergamot and rose geranium, soothing eucalyptus and lime and fresh lemongrass and ginger, each initial has been carefully designed using a chic, muted colour palette. 

    Shop Little Karma Co Personalised Initial Refillable Candle at The Drop, £13

  • Keep Candles Egg Cup Candle

    Keep Candles Egg Cup Candles
    The Drop: Keep Candles Egg Cup Candles

    Thanks to brands housing their scented candles in beautifully intricate jars (Diptyque, we’re looking at you) or chic minimalist pots (Byredo, take a bow), upcycling candle containers to use as storage for pens, make-up brushes or kitchen utensils is common practice. But what if they were designed to have an alternative purpose right from the start?

    This is the genius concept of Keep Candles’ zero-waste egg cup. Filled with plant-based wax, it’s the multi-hyphenate table accoutrement that every household needs. Hand-glazed in five colours, the curved lip adds a hint of retro charm.

    Plus, it makes the perfect gift for any candle or dippy egg obsessive in your life – and in our experience, most people are at least one of the two.

    Shop Keep Candles Egg Cup Candle at The Drop, £14

  • Scentered I Want To Escape Gift Set

    Scentered I Want To Escape Gift Set
    The Drop: Scentered I Want To Escape Gift Set

    A partner for simple me-time essentials such as yoga at home or reading a seriously good book, this aromatherapy balm and candle set is a smart way to detach from everyday stresses and create a much-needed haven. 

    The Aromatherapy Balm is mess-free and won’t leak or spill while Scentered’s therapeutic candles are made from a custom blend of natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM with pure essential oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance.

    Shop Scentered I Want To Escape Gift Set at The Drop, £27.50

  • Love Lulu Candle The Curvy Collection

    Cury Candle Collection: Lovelulu
    Cury Candle Collection: Lovelulu

    These three on-trend lady candles are hand poured with 100% natural soy wax and unbleached cotton wicks, making them vegan and eco-friendly. 

    Each candle is blended with a creamy coconut scent and is available in four beautiful skintone colours. 

    As they are handmade, some slight imperfections and colour variations are to be expected but we think that just makes them more special and unique.

    Shop Love Lulu Candle The Curvy Collection at The Drop, £25

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