Best cleansing balms: gentle formulas that melt away make-up and dirt

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Cleansing balms are a firm favourite across Stylist’s beauty team. Here are our favourite ones on the market.

Be honest: how long do you spend on your cleansing routine?

Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to multiple daily stressors, such as pollution and free radical damage. Add to that the dirt and sweat that builds up over the course of the day, bacteria from touching our faces, SPF and make-up (suddenly feel the urge to wash your face?); it’s fair to say that cleansing is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine.

As well as cleansing your skin to get rid of grime, a good cleansing regime will also provide you with a good base for the rest of your skincare products to work even harder. Because what’s the point in applying retinol if your face hasn’t been cleansed properly?

Across the Stylist team, we’ve tried countless types of cleansers, from foams and creams to milks and gels. While your preference can differ depending on your skin type and personal preference, there’s one type we all unanimously love: a nourishing cleansing balm.

These solid-to-oil formulas are highly effective at breaking down even the most stubborn of make-up formulas. Plus, their slippery textures are perfect to aid a nightly facial massage – which is handy, as dermatologists stress you should take at least one minute to really clean your face per cleansing session. Not to mention that fact that we should all double cleanse at night.

Thankfully, cleansing balms only continue to grow in popularity, meaning there’s a wide range of clever formulas. Here, we round up the options that leave skin clean but not stripped, nourished but not greasy and feeling incredibly soft (just don’t touch it after).

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