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Best cleansing oils for all skin types: the soothing formulas that remove make-up, sebum and dirt

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While the word “oil” may seem scary at first, oil cleansers are actually an effective addition to any skincare routine. Here, we round up the gentle formulas that leave skin not only clean but softer, too.

A proper cleanse is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine. Over the day, our skin collects dirt and grime, while also being exposed to environmental damage, such as free radicals and pollution. Then there’s also make-up and SPF (because you wear it every day, right?) in the mix.

So, when you consider everything that builds up on the surface of our skin, it makes sense that you need to clean it properly in order for the rest of your skincare products to work as effectively as possible. Which is why a double cleanse at night is a must.

While everyone has their preferences, the first step of your double cleanse can work particularly well with an oil formula. Oil attracts oil and these slippery textures sweep away impurities with ease, including tough waterproof mascaras.

They also reduce the risk of dragging on the skin, making them ideal to sneak in a quick facial massage while cleansing. Especially as experts recommend spending a couple of minutes on the double cleansing stage of your skincare regime.

Here, we run through our favourite cleansing oils that will leave your skin clean, hydrated, soft and protected – with zero hint of greasy residue left behind.

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