The best colour correctors for concealing redness, dark circles and sallow skin

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Concealers are great but if you want to say so long to redness, dark circles and sallow tones for good – it’s time you got acquainted with the MUA-approved technique of colour correcting. 

If you’ve ever tried to conceal a blemish before, you’ll know how difficult it can be to knock out any angry red hues coming through underneath. The same goes for under-eye circles – no matter how much concealer you might pack on, sometimes you just can’t counteract the dark, purple shadowing. If this sounds all too familiar, let us introduce you to the art of colour correcting – the genius make-up artist-approved trick for balancing uneven skin tones. 

The theory works by using the colour wheel (primary school flashback), meaning contrasting colours can be used to neutralise each other, allowing a more even base for you to then build upon and conceal with foundation or concealer. 

Depending on what your concern is, you can buy colour correctors to help conceal a range of different uneven skin tones. Green colour correctors help to knock out redness from the skin. Purple-toned colour correctors can help boost radiance, counteracting any dull, sallow tones in the skin, and red, peach or bisque-toned correctors are great for neutralising the deep blue and purple shadows that grace our under eye circles.

So we spoke to TV and celebrity make-up artist Bryony Blake to find out how to utilise colour correctors in your every day make-up routine and which are the best formulas she uses on her clients.  

Best colour correctors for concealing dark circles

“I believe that colour correcting can change your life when it comes to your make-up,” says Bryony. “For dark circles and shadowing, a pink, peach or red-toned colour corrector will take away any darkness and allow your under eyes to look bright and awake.”

For pale skin tones, opt for a creamy peach shade. For darker skin tones, look for formulas with more red and orange hues. 

Best colour correctors for concealing redness

“For redness, a green-toned colour corrector will help bring the redness down and allow your make-up to sit beautifully on your skin. There are many skincare products that have a green tint to them that can be really beneficial to add into your morning skincare routine before applying make-up.”

Best colour correctors for brightening

“A purple-toned colour corrector helps to reduce yellow and sallow tones in the skin. Using a lilac or lavender shade under your make-up will help to lift and brighten any unhealthy-looking tones.”

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