Best facial massage tools to relieve tension, reduce puffiness and revive skin

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With facial massage comes a long list of skin benefits. Plus, it’s the perfect way to relax after a long day. Here, we run through the best tools to help make the most of your facial massage.

Whether staring at screens is leaving you with tension headaches, the stress of the current climate has you grinding your teeth or you just like to use your skincare routine as a moment of self-care, now is the perfect time to practice the art of facial massage.

Not only does facial massage provide a moment of calm, it has numerous benefits thanks to the way it encourages lymphatic drainage. “The benefits of lymphatic massage go beyond a radiant complexion,” says Jamie Sherrill, nurse, skincare expert and founder of Nurse Jamie. “A lymphatic facial massage is a workout for your face, strengthening your facial muscles, boosting oxygen flow, and releasing endorphins.”

Sherrill breaks this down further by explaining we can practice “good” and “bad” touch on our faces. “‘Good touch’ involves soft massage and patting. The benefits of massage allows for better product absorption and also increases circulation,” she explains. “‘Bad touch’ includes rubbing your skin hard, excessive touch and skin picking.” To help you get to grips with the former, we’ve rounded up the best tools that can help you reap the benefits of facial massage

  • Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller (Medium)


    Made from reconstituted jade, this roller stays cold to soothe skin at the first touch. Roll it along your forehead to get rid of tension headaches and around the face to eliminate toxins.

    Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller (Medium), £22

  • Nurse Jamie Beauty Blade Deep Massaging Tool


    Created for both face and body, this stainless steel tool was inspired by the methods Sherrill relies on when conducting facials. It has specialised curves to fit the contours of our face and body so that you can get a deep massage and revive tired, dull skin.

    Nurse Jamie Beauty Blade Deep Massaging Tool, £48

  • Oilixia Rose Quartz Gua Sha


    Senior beauty writer Hanna Ibraheem swears by gua sha to help relieve jaw tension from grinding her teeth. This particular tool has extra grooves and bumps to aid deeper facial massage to increase blood flow and give facial muscles a proper workout.

    Oilixia Rose Quartz Gua Sha, £20

  • 001 Skincare London CRYOpress Ice Facial Massager


    Cryotherapy, also known as “cold therapy”, is a popular treatment used to increase blood flow to your skin, resulting in a brighter and fresher complexion. This particular tool sustains a temperature between -8 to 2.5°C. Once it comes into contact with skin, it improves blood circulation, encourages new cell growth and flushes away impurities.

    001 Skincare London CRYOpress Ice Facial Massager, £75

  • MZ Skin TONE & LIFT Germanium Contouring Facial Roller


    This tool contains a germanium stone inside the rod to activate acupressure points. This improves circulation, shifts blockages in the lymphatic system and reduce puffiness. It’s quick to use, too – just roll it over the targeted area in an upward direction for 30-60 seconds.

    MZ Skin TONE & LIFT Germanium Contouring Facial Roller, £59

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