The best facials to fix your skin after New Year’s Eve

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Stylist Beauty Team

A fix for every festive skin concern, as recommended by the Stylist beauty team.

Double-figured nights out in a row, weeks since you got a full eight hours’ sleep, multiple mornings of panda eyes and pillow lipstick… the festive season is almost as hard on your skin as it is on your liver. Whether your post-party face is puffy, dehydrated, dull or breaking out, take some time to apologise to it with our pick of the UK’s top problem-solving facials. 

The problem: puffiness

Your eyebags net you extra charges on an Easyjet flight and you’d need to contour with a paint-roller to find your cheekbones. You’re feeling like every single glass of fizz you drank over the last few weeks has settled itself on your face and you need to decrease the puff fast. 

The facial fix: ELEMIS Pro-Definition Lift and Contour

This massage-based facial helps lift, tone and shape facial contours. The toning effect of the uplifting massage strokes works alongside an Arjuna (a tropical tree extract with strong antioxidant activity) and Lupin (a flower with conditioning emollient properties) mask to bring back your pre-Christmas jawline. The result? Uplifted, revitalised skin with more defined facial contours. 

The verdict

Stylist beauty contributor Roberta Lister says: “The star of the show here is undoubtedly the blissful massage techniques – I drifted off more than once. My office-party induced eye bags are no more, (a seriously impressive feat for a single treatment) and those cheekbones I’d long forgotten about seem a little sharper.” 

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The problem: dullness

You’ve been slacking on the skincare front after one too many past-midnight bedtimes, and a build-up of dead skin cells is dimming your inner glow. You need radiance, and you need it fast.

The facial fix: Decléor Facial Lift Yoga

You can leave your leggings at the door, because this one is the ultimate lazy-girl’s yoga session. Settle yourself down on a heated bed and let someone else pummel your face back to its former glory via Kobido massage movements (a Japanese technique that reawakens facial muscles while sparkling collagen production.) To finish, a thermal mask delivers deep nourishment to reignite your radiance. 

The verdict

Stylist beauty contributor Perdita Nouril says: “Cosy and cocooning, this was just what I needed on a drizzly London day. Not one to fall asleep too, this is a high energy treatment that actually made me feel energised and awake. I went straight to lunch with a friend who told me how healthy I looked so it must have worked!” 

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The problem: breakouts

December is essentially one long reason to treat yourself, but now that sugar-laden diet has led to unwanted facial eruptions. You need to stop a nasty breakout at the source while simultaneously soothing redness and irritation.

The facial fix: Bliss Spa No Zit Sherlock

Pimples, blackheads and even milia are no match for the breakout-busting specialists at Bliss. This targeted treatment involves a deep cleanse, enzyme peel and Triple Oxygen Mask all before the main event - a serious extraction session. Finally, a calming mask brings the skin back into balance. 

The verdict

Stylist beauty director Anita Bhagwandas says: “The most satisfying extraction session ever, I don’t think my pores have ever been so clean. In the immediate term it brought a few more breakouts to the surface but one week on and my skin is clearer than it’s been in months.” 

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The problem: dehydration

Hopping between the arctic outdoors and office central heating has made your T-zone oilier and dry patches even drier. Your face is crying out for hydration, and no amount of serum seems to cut it.

The facial fix: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Anti-Ageing Facial

Skin nourishment is the aim of this long-loved facial, which goes heavy on the pampering yet doesn’t compromise on real results. Sonic extraction dislodges debris via sound waves, not squeezing, while LED light delivers energy deep into sluggish cells, encouraging collagen production. 

The verdict

Stylist beauty contributor Cassie Steer says: “A brilliant blend of efficiency and luxury, I tested this on very little sleep with grey, lacklustre skin. Post-treatment (and post a mid-treatment nap) and my face was plumper, brighter and my fine lines less prominent.” 

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The problem: sensitivity

When you’ve got sensitive skin going for a facial can be a bit scary. Will you leave looking worse than you went in and need to hide indoors for 48 hours? When the slightest skincare misstep leaves your skin in a rage, you need to take a truly bespoke approach.

The facial fix: Debbie Thomas DNA Skin Grade 1

At Debbie Thomas’s clinic you are in safe hands, no matter how easily upset your complexion may be. Bookings here are defined by time, rather than treatment, meaning your therapist will perform a super thorough skin consultation and then prescribe exactly what you need. From good old-fashioned extractions to cutting-edge laser, you’ll receive a personalised program for blotchy, sore skin and leave with an instantly calmer, more comfortable feeling complexion. 

The verdict

Stylist beauty contributor Amerley Ollennu says: “I arrived with sore, blotchy skin sensitised by a week of Xmas parties and cranked up central heating. My therapist performed a super thorough skin consultation and then prescribed exactly what I needed. From good old fashioned extractions to cutting edge laser, I received a personalised program and left with an instantly calmer, more comfortable feeling complexion. One for visible results rather than zoning out and relaxing.” 

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The problem: Rosacea

This time of year is extra tricky if you suffer from a skin condition like rosacea, as all the common triggers, booze, hot drinks, stress, come in abundance so can your redness.

The facial fix: Murad Redness Therapy Facial

This professional strength treatment soothes, hydrates and calms sensitive and inflamed winter skin. With no redness aggravating steam or extractions it focuses on calming and strengthening the skin’s barrier with a combination of masks.


Stylist beauty contributor Jo Hoare says: “I frequently avoid facials worried they’ll aggravate my rosacea skin and would never make plans for after one as I’m almost guaranteed to be redder than when I arrived. Not so with this. The two masks felt instantly cooling on my skin and the reduced sensitivity effect lasted for days.” 

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