The very best foot creams, according to the owner of some thoroughly hydrated feet

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It’s quite possibly the least sexy of all beauty products, but that hasn’t stopped beauty director Shannon from developing an acute infatuation with foot cream. Here, she explains why it’s her new favourite ritual and highlights the best formulas out there.

Now here’s a sentence I never thought I’d see myself write: I am obsessed with foot cream. Over the course of lockdown, I eveloped an acute infatuation with the stuff that means at any given moment, my feet are slathered in it. I sleep in foot cream, work in foot cream, and spend the rest of my time slipping and sliding all over my wooden floors in foot cream.

The reason this new obsession comes at such a surprise is because I’ve never, ever bothered with it before. Hell, I can barely muster the energy to moisturise my legs even once a month, so the thought of extending my hydration rituals as far as my feet just never made it to the top of my beauty agenda. 

There’s also the fact that foot cream is inherently unsexy. You never see gushing reviews of must-have mint-scented foot creams on Instagram, and if someone does use it, it’s never on show in their bathrooms, but rather hidden away at the backs of cabinets and under sinks.

But throughout lockdown, and with a little more time to hand over to random beauty rituals, I really got into using it. And quite frankly, my feet have never looked better. I’ll save you the visuals, but let’s just say they’re particularly smooth and ridiculously soft, and I wasn’t anywhere near as desperate for a pedicure as I would’ve been by the end of lockdown. Plus, even just the ritual of applying it feels strangely decadent, like I’m treating my feet to a bit of the skincare service I usually reserve for my face. And I’m 100% here for that.

Have I convinced you to join me in this foot cream revolution? I hope so. But the problem is, not all foot creams were created equally. And over the course of lockdown, I’ve made it my mission to find the ones that really work. Below, are the five best foot creams I would thoroughly recommend.

Best foot creams

  • Best for a no-slip formula: Kiss the Moon Dream Night Cream for Feet


    This one has the same texture as whipped butter, which means it’s rich enough to well and truly nourish the skin, but it isn’t heavy or greasy, so you can walk around barefoot post-application without fear of slipping over. Plus, it has a delicious lavender scent.

    Shop Kiss the Moon Dream Night Cream for Feet at Kiss The Moon, £26

  • Best for cracked heels: The Chemistry Brand Heel Chemistry


    In true Deciem style, The Chemistry Brand’s foot cream contains a rather niche mushroom extract that is believed to be even better at drawing in hydration as hyaluronic acid — perfect for reviving new life into cracked heels. The consistency is more like a body cream, so you’d be forgiven for thinking it doesn’t have the richness to make a difference, but it really, really does.

    Shop The Chemistry Brand Heel Chemistry at Deciem, £15

  • Best for generally dry skin: Ameliorate Intensive Foot Treatment


    This one feels a bit more medicinal than the others, but I love using it as a strong overnight foot mask simply by applying it generously and then popping on a thick pair of socks. It contains shea butter, glycerine and jojoba oil, which if you ask me, is like the holy trifecta of foot moisturisation.

    Shop Ameliorate Intensive Foot Treatment at lookfantastic, £16

  • Best for an addictive scent: Sol de Janeiro Samba Foot Fetish Care


    The incredible scent isn’t the only draw of this foot cream, but it certainly helps. It has a really comforting nutty, buttery, sweet smell that makes you want to apply copious amounts of the stuff. But don’t. It’s so richly hydrating, you just need a pistachio-sized dollop for each foot.

    Shop Sol de Janeiro Samba Foot Fetish Care at lookfantastic, £25

  • Best for an exfoliating mask: Patchology PoshPeel PediCure


    Okay, so it’s not technically a cream, but this mask is so brilliant, it would be remiss of me not to mention it here. Like a sheet mask for your feet, it looks like little sandwich bag socks, which you fill with the accompanying liquid exfoliant. This contains glycolic, salicylic, lactic and citric acids to nibble away at dry, dead skin cells. Straight after removal feet feel smoother, but wait a few days, and the dead skin will start to peel leaving you with baby soft feet. It’s odd, a bit gross, but ridiculously satisfying.

    Shop Patchology PoshPeel PediCure at Cult Beauty, £18

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