These serums and sprays are like highlighter for your hair

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A high-shine finish is one of the biggest hair trends for autumn/winter 2019 – so here are five products to make your hair gleam as much as your cheekbones.

When it comes to make-up, we’ve been in revelling in the gloss, shine and glow for many seasons now. We’ve glazed our eyelids with sticky eye gloss, polished our cheekbones with dewy-textured highlighters and we’ve lacquered our lips with 90s style clear lip gloss (S.O. to Glossier for making what is undoubtedly the best). But for autumn/winter 2019, it isn’t just faces getting the glossy treatment - hair is going glossy too.

Rather than the matte texture of seasons gone by, the autumn catwalks were awash with high shine hair. Just look to Halpern, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren for guidance, or if you aren’t averse to the extreme wet-look, make Haider Ackermann your inspiration.

And thanks to a flurry of new product launches, achieving shiny hair isn’t actually that tricky at all. Rather than gloopy, sticky concoctions, the latest hair creams, serums and sprays are akin to the highlighters hiding in your make-up bag; they swipe hair with a band of brilliant shine without rendering it completely stiff. And even better still, there’s a shine-giver to suit every hair type.

Ready to unleash your glossiest self? We’ve collated the greatest shiny hair products below. 

  • The shine-creating crème

    Dazzlingly glossy, almost glazed-looking hair appeared at Halpern, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren for a/w 2019 – but it’s hard to fake high-shine hair when yours is a bit fried. Start with a shimmering multi-tasking balm like Bumble and Bumble bb Glow Bond Building Styler: applied to damp hair, it helps prevent breakage and heat damage while adding a lit-from-within lustre. 

  • The sheeny spray

    The best skin highlighters are I-drink-loads-of-water glowy rather than Disney-princess sparkly – and similarly, the best new hair highlighters add healthy polish without making us look like glitter-doused school disco attendees. Suitable for all hair textures, L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni.ART Ring Light has a fun circular nozzle that mists hair in a weightless sheen. 

  • The brilliance balm

    NYC colourist Rita Hazan’s clients include Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez – two women known, among many other things, for their extremely lustrous heads of hair. Packed with natural oils, amped up with hydrating vitamins and suitable for all hair types, Hazan’s new Shine Balm is a slick salve that smells like a luxurious LA salon and smooths down frizz and flyaways for a radiant finish. 

  • The sleek sealant

    Humidity – of which we’ve had enough recently, thanks v much – can make hair go full puffball, which isn’t exactly conducive to shine. Sick of arriving at work with hair five times bigger than when you left the house? Stylist’s beauty director Shannon recommends Colour Wow’s Dream Coat, which seals strands in a ‘waterproofing cloak’ while also adding a luminous gleam. 

  • The glossy gel

    Hair doesn’t have to be poker-straight to reflect light. If you’re lucky enough to have natural curls, try Oribe’s cult Curl Gloss, a lightweight gel that gives non-crunchy definition and creates a glassy glaze. Containing lychee, watermelon and edelweiss (the Alpine flower made famous by The Sound of Music), it smells so delightful you’ll have people’s noses twitching as you stride by. In a good way.

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