The best new hair colour trends of autumn/winter 2018

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Henrik Lischke
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Prepare to see these fashionable hair shades all over your social media feeds.

It should come as no surprise to learn that, with every new season, trends come and go like the tides – and hair is no exception.

And, while your Instagram appears to have turned into a riptide of all hair trends imaginable – think cold brew, unicorn frappuccino and mulled wine hair (no, this isn’t a Starbucks order) – we’ve turned to the catwalks to see how the designers are crashing through the waves of our hairy new-season-new-me dilemma.

Whether you wish to gel, tie, braid or French air-dry your hair, these are the hot new colours to go after, salon or DIY

Buttery blonde

Over the past few months, you may have noticed that all of the celebrities on your Instagram feed have been rocking peroxide-platinum hair. However, while the trend was fun while it lasted, autumn 2018 is already shaping up to be the age of buttery blonde, if the catwalks of Thom Browne, Chanel and Jill Stuart are anything to go by.

“Buttery blonde is always so popular with my clients,” says Tracey Cunningham, a Redken Celebrity Colourist who works with blondes like Cameron Diaz and Molly Sims. “It’s such a classic ‘beachy, California blonde’ look! I love this shade of blonde because it can be achieved with highlights and babylights and it’s easy to maintain — a little bit of root makes it feel natural and lived-in.”

It’s a hard trend to resist, so don’t be afraid to forget the cold-induced shades and warm up to the softest of soft hues to ever glisten up your hair. 

Classic brunette 

Once in a blue moon, we get an aching urge of wanting to change something about our hair. These are the moments we decide to add highlights to our luscious brunette hair. However, not this season: this season, it’s all about owning your chestnut, chocolate and mocha colour and making it work for you.

Perfect for all hair types – straight, afro, wavy – brunette hair may sound like the least ground-breaking shade of all. However, that doesn’t eclipse its potential of being quite the eye-catcher, if you keep your hair healthy and well-nurtured.

Lacking inspiration? Draw from Loewe, Sportmax or Alexander McQueen.

Salt and pepper grey

Like your favourite grey melange knit jumper, your hair might as well rise to new shine this winter by adding some fearless colour to it: black, white and grey. And, if you look over to Issey Miyake or Thom Browne, you will see what this salt and pepper trend is all about.

Convinced you need to go grey in 2018 now? You may need to bleach your hair to a platinum shade to achieve the iciest silver – and make sure your colourist uses a strong blue-purple pigmented toner afterward to get all the yellow out of your hair. Once you have white-blonde highlights, you just need to dye them grey, but be sure to take some pictures along with you: there are a lot of grey shades out there, and it’s best to give your hairstylist a good idea of what you want before you commit to a shade. 

We suggest pushing yourself to embrace your inner Cruella de Vil by going all film-noir and femme-fatale.

Graceful ginger 

Much like brunette and blonde, ginger is anything but nouveau. However, it has been spotted on the runways of the fashion world a lot this season: at Simone Rocha, the red hair was tied into Victorian braids with silky ribbons. Louis Vuitton had Jess Glynne-like manes all over the catwalk, and Isabel Marant saw glitzy hoops peaking out of straightened strands of shiny red hair.

In short, it was everywhere, it was beautiful, and, with the season of falling leaves, Halloween and butternut squash soup upon us, what better time to embrace the colour of autumn with a ginger makeover?

Cherry-berry red 

Seen at Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs, cherry-berry red is a vivid shade which appears to have made a big impact on the designers. Think a deep burgundy hue with just radiant cherry red tints that really make hair pop

Yes, it’s lightly different to a buttery blonde, of course, and a much bigger beauty commitment (red hair fades fast, especially when you first get it done, so you may have to re-dye it as often as once or twice a month), but it will definitely help you make a statement. Do you dare? 

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