Most innovative hairdryers: best hair tools for a salon-worthy blow-dry at home

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Here, we round up the hairdryers that are as technologically-advanced as your smartphone.

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh blow-dry. In fact, blow-dries have always been a popular hair treatment and beauty app Treatwell saw blow-dry bookings increase by 53% in 2019. But with weekly salon visits currently out of the question, it’s a good idea to brush up on your at-home hair skills.

There’s a gust of innovative hairdryers to help you achieve a professional look at home. Splash out now and save on salon treatments in the long run. 

Here, we round up the snazzy hairdryers that will transform your hair.

  • The multitasker: Panasonic Nanoe & Double Mineral Hairdryer


    This hairdryer has five heat settings to allow for a personalised blow-dry every time you use it. Hot mode works like any other hairdryer, but if you select the hot and cold alternating mode, the airflow switches automatically to deliver a blast of cold air when needed.

    Meanwhile, the intelligent temperature control mode is great for hot and humid weather conditions and the scalp setting lets you dry roots without being too harsh on the skin beneath your hair. 

    Plus, there’s a skin mode which delivers hydrating airflow directly to your face.

    Panasonic’s Nanoe & Double Mineral Hairdryer, £129.99

  • The detangler: Dyson wide-tooth comb attachment


    Simply click Dyson’s wide-tooth comb attachment, £30, onto your Supersonic hairdryer, £299.99, and the flexible teeth will shape curls and coils while seamlessly detangling – sans pain.

    Plus, it’s acoustically tuned to produce one inaudible frequency. Meaning you can dry your hair in the mornings without fear of waking up your partner or housemates.

    Dyson’s wide-tooth comb attachment, £30

    Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, £299.99

  • The speedy one: RevAir


    Yes, it looks like a vacuum cleaner – and it works like one too. It sucks up hair to dry and straighten it three times faster than a standard tool would, sparing your scalp from intense heat.

    Suitable for all hair types, RevAir says it’s especially beneficial for those with wavy, curly or coily (types 2-4) hair.

    RevAir, £359

  • The self-cleaning one: Alfa Italia Superleggero


    Developed with a clever silencer to reduce the motor noise, the Alfa Italia Superleggero also has a unique self-cleaning system to automatically eject trapped hair and other debris, which is often the cause of mechanical faults in hairdryers.

    Alfa Italia Superleggero, £149.95

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