11 hand creams, balms and lotions to save your skin this winter

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Becci Vallis

    Winter can only mean one thing – dry hands and tight fingertips. Invest in one of these nourishing hand products pronto before the weather does any more damage

We bet our bottom dollar there’s a hand and nail cream lurking in your bag. Or your desk drawer. Or perhaps the glove compartment of your car. Just like lip balms, hand creams fall into that ‘not sexy but absolutely essential’ beauty category, especially if you don’t want said body parts to appear crusty, flaky and sore.

Plus, hand creams have come a long way. Affordable options can still be picked up with your groceries, but if you want to show off what you’re slathering on, there are plenty of deluxe versions for your digits too.

From cult classics to the latest incarnation of hand creams (hand balm/hand lotion/hand salve), if you’re looking for a new squeeze to get you through the next few months, direct your attention towards these beauties…

Neighbourhood Botanicals I was a Teenage Hand Model, £16

Neighbourhood Botanicals Hand Salve

Vegan, cruelty-free and 100% natural, this ticks all those ethical beauty boxes-  and it sinks in like a dream too. Especially good if you suffer from hang nails. And don’t be phased by the fact it’s a balm: it’s not rock solid or waxy and has great slip (meaning it slides across your skin in a non-sticky way). Extra points for the reusable tin.

Lanolips Coconutter Hand Cream Intense, £8.99

Lanolips Coconutty hand cream

This cult hand cream has had an upgrade. The addition of coconut oil means that the thin, vulnerable skin on your hands is kept plump and hydrated – and it also smells a bit like sun cream. The small squeezy tube is brilliantly user-friendly and means you can eke out every last bit. It’s also just the right size for pockets.

Heath Hand Salve, £10

Heath hand salve

Ignore the fact this is from a men’s grooming range. All that means is it comes with a non-greasy guarantee and works extra hard to meet the needs of ‘hands-on’ gents (note it’s called salve, not cream). It also looks dapper and smells fresh – lavender and mint. However, the thing that really lured us in was the presence of Pollustop on the ingredients list. A yeast ferment that creates a breathable film on the skin, it stops pigmentation-prompting pollutants attacking your hand and causing dark spots.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector, £12

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

One tube of this is sold every nine seconds and £1 of every sale is donated to the Bio-Bridges mission – an initiative that protects and regenerates habitats. Containing beauty’s latest crush, this hand cream with hemp will help to heal rough patches and reduce redness so you can go forth without gloves once the warmer weather arrives.

Sebamed Intensive Hand Cream, £5.29

Sebamed Intensive Hand Cream

Central heating and cold weather strip the moisture in your skin like nothing else, altering its pH and leaving hands at risk of dehydration and splitting. This acts as a barrier cream for hands and has the same pH value as your skin (5.5) which means any misdemeanours repair faster. Avocado oil and shea butter also act like cement, filling in any cracks and furrows around fingertips. Plus it’s not sore or eye-wincing if you do get it in an open wound-  which let’s face it, does happen.

Green People Manuka & Lemon Tea Tree Hand Cream, £12.50

Green People hand cream

Tea tree is antimicrobial while the addition of sweet orange is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so this is ideal if you have sensitive skin that can flare up at the mere flip of a lid. Light and non-greasy, it has 91% certified organic ingredients so perfect if you prefer your beauty to be accountable and you’re looking for an organic hand cream. Gentle enough to be used on delicate skin, it’s a good go-to if you have children as it won’t trigger any sensitivities on their vulnerable skin.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, £21

When a brand has 38 different hand creams you know they’re onto something. A soothing blend of shea butter, honey, almond extract and coconut oil, this creamy formula sinks into hands but doesn’t leave them slippy so you can still unscrew lids without calling for back-up. Now available in a limited-edition print from the Rifle Paper Co, this has style and substance.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Anti-Ageing Hand Cream SPF25, £4.79

Neutrogena anti-ageing hand cream

Hand cream with SPF is harder to find than you might think - which is annoying as your hands are as exposed to the elements as your face. This affordable option has been keeping hands protected for years but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Keep it in the car because remember, UV rays get through windows too and your hands still need protecting when they’re stuck to the steering wheel.

Medik8 Hand & Nail Cream Anti-Pollution Hand Cream Velvet-Finish SPF25, £25

Shielding hands from pollution and UV rays and full of antioxidants that fight free radicals, this keeps skin looking fresh, springy and minus any mottles. Packed with heavyweight hydrator hyaluronic acid, even the iciest temperatures won’t be able to break down your skin barrier. Vegan-friendly and alcohol free, the flower oils contribute to the uplifting scent it leaves behind too. If you wanted an anti-ageing hand cream, this is it.

Arket Hand Balm Vetiver, £7

Arket hand balm

Proving hand creams can look achingly cool, Scandi brand ARKET tops the chart. Containing Swedish canola oil, oat lipids and birch sugar that help to moisturise the skin, the citrus scent is addictive too. A good all-rounder, it looks designer but rings in at a high street price. Ker-ching.

Jo Malone Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream, £23

The thing with some hand creams is that they smell so strong they overpower your perfume. Not this one. Developed to complement every fragrance in the Jo Malone portfolio, the floral notes of geranium are subtle while the walnut gives it some warmth. Infused with apricot kernel oil to keep skin supple, as well as keeping one for yourself, this is a good beauty present for recipients of all ages - just make sure you keep a tube for yourself.

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