Streamline your kit with one of these multi-purpose make-up palettes

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Practical, portable, concise and considered. Multi-purpose make-up palettes are quite possibly the most sensible make-up invention to date. Here, Stylist selects the greatest ones.

There have been more occasions than I care to admit where I have been running late due to my make-up routine. Not because I contour, bake and whatever else Instagrammers are doing, but because I leave a trail of products in my wake that I then struggle to scurry into my handbag for tactical midday touchups later on. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the everyday products in one place, so that I can move from make-up bag to handbag without leaving anything behind?

Having a uniform of the basics saves time deliberating over bronzers and highlighters, time that is better spent applying a daring coral lip instead. The simpler this uniform, the quicker it is to apply, and what is simpler than having everything in a practical and portable compact, aka a multi-purpose make-up palette?

What’s inside multi-use make-up palettes varies but in general they cover the jobs that foundation and mascara can’t do. A condense and concise edit of powder and cream formulas, they provide a slick solution to carting a full bag of products around. They are especially good for people who do their make-up on the tube as you can work from one big beauty palette without juggling lots of individual items. Another massive plus? Mirrors big enough you can actually see both eyes and maybe a bit of nose, too. Groundbreaking.

So if you’re someone who habitually misplaces make-up or just in need of some help picking complementary colours, these all in one make-up palettes make for a pretty revolutionary purchase. 

Chanel Palette Essentielle


This Chanel trio will conceal, highlight and add colour to cheeks and lips, perfect for on-the-go touch ups. The creamy texture of each product means that you can use your fingers to apply them. Save space and leave the brushes at home.

Shop Palette Essentielle at Chanel, £52

Too Faced Natural Face Palette

Looking for hydrating formulas that stay put all day? Too Faced’s coconut-infused make-up palette is comprised of bronzers, a fuschia pink blush, one highlighter for a luminous finish and another for a satin finish. 

Shop Too Faced Natural Face Palette at Boots, £35

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette


Get the signature Charlotte Tilbury smokey eye with this comprehensive palette. Bronzer, highlighter, eye shadows and blushers all in one gorgeous compact. You’ll be looking for any excuse to show this off.

Shop Instant Look in a Palette at Charlotte Tilbury, £49

Dior Backstage Face Palette


If a glowy base is your thing, this Dior quad is for you. The highlighters, bronzer and blush also double up as eyeshadows, if you’re after an ethereal, pearlescent look.

Shop Dior Backstage Face Palette at Selfridges, £36

Becca Be A Light Face Palette

Becca is known for its uncompromising glow. You can spot the luminosity from a mile away, and its face palette is the epitome of that very glow. While the palette contains a blush, bronzer and highlight, they all leave the same blurring, sheer, healthy-looking glow.

Shop Becca Be A Light Face Palette at SpaceNK, £35

Laura Mercier La Palette Naturelle Face and Cheek Palette


Laura Mercier’s palette brings together six finely-milled powders you can use to highlight, blush, bronze and even create a smokey eye.

Shop Laura Mercier La Palette Naturelle Face and Cheek Palette and John Lewis, £45

Images: Courtesy of brands.

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