From non-greasy body lotion to nourishing clay cleanser: 11 new products our beauty team loved in April

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From hand creams and blushers to and body lotion to toothpaste, these are the best skincare, body care and health products from this month.

April saw us spend an entire month at home (bar the daily hour-long government-approved slot for exercise). As more of us adjust to our ‘new normal’, it’s been a good time to practice self-care. For many, this may come in the form of a beauty routine – thankfully, the month was filled with products that nourished our skin and soothed our emotions in equal measure.

From indulgent body scrub and non-greasy hand cream to hydrating body lotion and SPF that won’t leave a white cast on your face; here are the Stylist beauty team’s favourite beauty launches from the last month…

Shannon Peter, beauty director, picks:



    Glossier Hand Cream, £16

    What is it? A deceptively nourishing lightweight hand cream.

    Why do you need it? With all this increased hand washing, it isn’t really any wonder why so many of us are experiencing rough, dry, chapped hands. But reaching for the nearest buttery hand balm isn’t necessarily the answer. Nourishing though they may be, rich formulas also have the tendency to render your hands pretty useless: glasses slip from hands, texting becomes nigh-on impossible and keyboards end up scattered with greasy fingerprints. In classic Glossier fashion, its new hand cream solves all those bugbears and then some.

    Why is it brilliant? A very unusual texture, it feels no thicker than a light lotion, but two minutes later and skin still feels seeped in silky moisture. But just not the slippery kind. Plus, it smells almost identical to Glossier You, making it very difficult to stop sniffing the backs of your hands.



    Tan Luxe Super Glow Body, £35

    What is it? The brand’s popular hydrating tanning serum, just this time for your body.

    Why do you need it? I’d like to say it’s the lack of time spent outside, but we all know the reason for my grey-tinged skin is the daily dose of rosé wine and the late night TikTok binges I’ve been indulging in. So I thought I’d reignite my relationship with self tan, and thankfully, Tan-Luxe’s foolproof new formula landed just in the nick of time.

    Why is it brilliant? Built on a base of hyaluronic acid, which gives it the same texture as your favourite face serum, this self tanner is uniquely hydrating. And as any tanning expert will tell you, hydration is the key to a streak-free, long-lasting and genuine-looking tan. You simply massage a few pumps over each limb and even the rough parts, like the knees and ankles, look evenly bronzed.



    Trinny London Sheer Shimmer in Bunny, £22

    What is it? A shimmer-laced, peach-hued balm that adds a delicate sheen to eyes, cheeks and lips.

    Why do you need it? If you’ve got dry or dehydrated skin, or (like lucky old me) you have both, then your complexion is no doubt lacking a bit of that elusive dewy glow right about now. Of course, upping the ante on your hydrating and moisturising skincare is vital, but until that has time to kick in, you might as well fake it. And this little pot of shimmery loveliness from Trinny London will help you do just that.

    Why is it brilliant? Like everything Trinny creates, it’s inherently easy. Not only is it multi-purpose (my cheeks, lips and eyes are all coated in the stuff right now) but it also doesn’t require any fiddly brushes or blending. Just stick your fingers in there and smear it wherever the light hits, or, quite frankly, wherever you fancy, and there you go: dewy, shiny, glowy skin in an instant.



    Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser, £35 

    What is it? An unusually nourishing clay cleanser.

    Why do you need it? Clay and charcoal are two ingredients famed for their ability to draw crap out of pores. The problem is, they’re often found in really chalky cleanser formulas that rid skin of blackheads, but also peel back all the moisture in the top layers too. Not this cleanser.

    Why is it brilliant? Creamier than any clay cleanser I’ve tried, it feels really nourishing on skin and doesn’t leave that tight, uncomfortable feeling that many formulas can. I’ve been using it as a second cleanse after the Clinique Take the Day Off Balm and I’ve really started to notice the impurities around my congested nose clearing up. And don’t worry about mess — the black formula turns white and milky once you add a little water, and rinses away easily, so your white towels are safe.



    Beauty Pie Soul Providers Re-Energizing Dry Oil Body Scrub, £10.52 for members

    What is it? A satisfyingly grainy body exfoliant.

    Why do you need it? If you’re anything like me, the shower will have become your sanctuary, a place where you indulge in those ‘extra’ beauty treatments life before lockdown just didn’t seem to allow time for. First up, body scrubbing, for which you need a proper industrial-strength scrub. I can’t abide by flimsy formulas that do little more than tickle the top layer of skin; I want something that sandblasts the dry skin cells from my limbs. Beauty Pie’s new scrub does just that.

    Why is it brilliant? As soon as you twist the lid off you get a jolt of fresh citrus, a bit like a blood orange San Pellegrino that’s already pretty joy-inducing. Then you start scrubbing, and realise this scrub has hefty grains that really chip away at the roughest parts of your body, but thanks to the sweet almond oil within, it doesn’t irritate or inflame the skin at all.



    Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, £60

    What is it? A supercharged, glow-inducing facial serum with an ingredients list longer than a short story.

    Why do you need it? When skin feels dull, dry, sluggish or just a bit tired, it’s always worth upping the ante on your active ingredient intake. With almost every powerful skin ingredient under the sun, Charlotte Tilbury’s new serum holds the power to brighten, soothe, smooth and strengthen skin, all before you’ve even had your morning coffee.

    Why is it brilliant? After a few weeks of use, I’ve really started to notice a difference in the texture of my skin. Rough patches on the cheeks have gone, and I’m starting to get that signature Tilbury glow.

Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer, picks:



    Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush, £19 each

    What is it? A long-lasting cream blusher.

    Why do you need it? Skin feeling a little dull? Blusher is the perfect way to infuse a healthy glow back into your skin – and this cream blusher is the perfect product for the job. Created with a lightweight texture, it’s sweat- and water-resistant and doesn’t feel sticky. 

    Why is it brilliant? From fiery orange and bold red to daring purple and subtle mauve, this blusher has launched with an impressive 10 shades to suit all skin tones. It’s easy to blend, too. Simply swirl your finger on the product and tap it onto skin for a seamless finish.



    The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF 50+, £18

    What is it? A non-greasy SPF.

    Why do you need it? Even though we’re spending more time at home, it’s still important to apply SPF every morning. This Body Shop SPF delivers high protection, feels lightweight and protects skin against daily environmental aggressors (which are also present indoors).

    Why is it brilliant? This SPF sinks into skin and doesn’t leave a white cast on skin. It also contains red algae extract and antioxidant vitamin C to leave skin looking healthier and more radiant.



    Dr. Hauschka Saltwater Sensitive Toothpaste, £6.50

    What is it? A toothpaste designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth.

    Why do you need it? Dealing with sensitive teeth can be frustrating but this toothpaste refreshes teeth gently. It contains salt spring mineral water, sea salt and plant extract of witch hazel to cleanse gums and leave your mouth feeling fresh.

    Why is it brilliant? As well as removing plaque and preventing bleeding gums, Dr Hauschka deliberately avoided the cooling effect of peppermint and menthol to steer clear of irritation.



    La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+M, £20

    What is it? An intensive hydrating body cream

    Why do you need it? La Roche-Posay has taken its bestselling body cream Lipikar Baume AP and updated it with microbiome technology to soothe and protect all skin types – though it’s particularly good for those with dry skin or eczema.

    Why is it brilliant? As well as powerhouse ingtedients niacinamide, shea butter and La Roche-Posay’s thermal spring water, this new formula contains microresyl and aqua posae filiformis, both of which work to rebalance the microbiome and reduce dry skin flare-ups.



    Lumene Nordic Hydra [LAHDE] Oxygen Recovery 72h Hydra Gel Mask, £20.90

    What is it? A refreshing face mask.

    Why do you need it? Staying indoors may be leaving your skin dehydrated, which is where this mask comes in. Packed with nourishing Nordic waters, including birch sap and Arctic spring water, and vitamin-rich cloudberry, bilberry and lingonberry waters, this mask provides an intense hit of hydrating.

    Why is it brilliant? There’s a couple of ways you can use this cooling gel mask. Either apply a thick layer, leave on for five to 10 minutes and wash off, or leave on overnight for an intensive treatment. Your skin will feel plumped, moisturised and soft.

Images: courtesy of brands

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