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Best pedicure polish colours for spring/summer 2021, according to a nail expert

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We asked a nail expert to round up the best colours to wear on your toes this summer. Plus, their tips for an at-home pedicure.

With social plan back on the cards and summer around the corner, we’re finally able to dust off our sandals for a trip to the pub gardens.

After spending the majority of a year with free-from colour toes that have been stuffed into house slippers, there’s no better time to give yourself a pedicure and paint job.

We run through the best pedicure colours for spring and summer. But first, here are the maintenance steps you should take before you start painting…

What are the most important steps to take before applying nail polish on your toes?

“Don’t forget to prep the feet – you want to have nice smooth feet for the polish to look even better,” says Lynn Gray, Mavala’s resident nail expert. “A foot scrub will remove any callouses or hard skin

“After exfoliation, I make sure that the feet are always moisturised. This is something you should continue doing, even with nail polish on, to ensure longer-lasting colour.”

What are your nail polish application tips?

“You should always use a base coat for pedicures,” says Gray. “This will not only protect the nails, but it will also act as a primer for the colour, making it last longer. It’s a particularly important step on your toes as we keep our polish on for longer, making the risk of discolouration greater.

“After applying your nail colour – two coats is usually fine – always apply a top coat. This will add a gorgeous shine and protect them from chipping. My favourite is those that provide a gel finish without the potential damage.”

Vibrant corals

“A bright coral shade is always a bestselling spring/summer option for toes year-on-year and, as the weather is getting nicer, we’re seeing this trend rise again,” says Gray. “A coral not only adds a gorgeous pop of colour, it’s also great for elongating the toes.”

A ‘joyful’ colour palette

As we return to some form of normalcy, you may want to go all out with your nail colours. “Colour trends for this year in general – but specifically toes – are for bright colours that are full of energy,” explains Gray.

“I like to call this a ‘joyful palette’. With much of this year spent in lockdown, many have reverted to natural, free-from colour nails. But now the sun is out, people are wanting to express themselves through colour.”

Lynn recommends opting for shades like “an ardent red” or “a vibrant fuschia”.

Muted-yet-still-colourful pastels

If vibrant corals and bright hues aren’t your style, you can still bring a pop of colour to your toenails without feeling like it’s too much.

Pastel nail polishes are a huge trend this year, thanks to their ability to deliver fun colours in a softer, more muted way. Think minty greens, sunshine yellows and – one of this year’s most popular colours – delicate lilacs.

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