Peptides: the wonder ingredient set to bolster your skincare routine

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Looking for a better performance from your skincare? Behold the power of peptides. Here’s everything you need to know about the wonder ingredient that’s set to bolster your routine…

When it comes to skincare, there are a lot of ingredients that promise big claims. From vitamin C to retinol, niacinamide to tranexamic acid — it can be hard to navigate which ingredients your skincare routine really needs. But if you’re looking to boost your regime with some hardworking, high-potency products, peptides are a good place to start. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Consider this your peptides crib sheet. 

What are peptides?

“Peptides are fragments of protein and it’s these proteins that are the building blocks of the skin,” says Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe, medical and cosmetic doctor at SKNDOCTOR.

Collagen, elastin and keratin are the most common proteins that make up our skin. Adding peptides topically can help boost production of these proteins and reinforce the skin’s repair barrier function.

“Peptides are great little messengers,” says Francine Krenicki, VP of product development at StriVectin. “When they’re applied topically to the skin, they can help send a signal to produce new collagen and elastin, leading to the appearance of younger, more supple skin. They’re also a bit bossy — they have the power to micromanage your cells to get real results.”

Peptides are also great for ageing or menopausal skin as they will stimulate collagen production and boost the skin’s elasticity. They can be blended with other ingredients like retinol and niacinamide, bolstering your products and making them work even harder. 

The best peptides products

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