Best razor brands for skin-friendly hair removal

Best razor brands for skin-friendly hair removal

If you choose to shave, it’s worth knowing which razors to invest in. Here, Stylist takes you through the new-gen and rebranded razors worth knowing about.

We know, razors aren’t the biggest priority when it comes to beauty products. In fact, hair removal is a choice: if you want to do it, that’s fine and if not, that’s fine, too.

For some, it’s a tool we often reach for absentmindedly in the shower. But even then, how they make us feel and how razors can differ never really crosses our minds. Put simply: if you prefer to shave, when was the last time you saw it as a proper step in your beauty routine?

With that, let us introduce you to the new wave of next-gen razor brands are shaking things up. Now, it’s simply a part of your beauty routine, if you want it to be.

Another major and refreshing change comes in the way body hair is presented. Body hair is championed, not shamed and, refreshingly, hair is actually shown across each brands’ marketing and adverts. 

With a change in attitude around shaving comes all of the questions around how we can get our best shave. So, Stylist probed Amanda Westerborn, founder of razor brand Estrid, for her tips.

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How can we get a smoother shave?

It’s all about raising the skin’s temperature slightly in the shower. “When the skin is warm, the hair follicles open up, and this helps result in a closer shave,” says Westerborn. Using a shaving gel always helps too. “When you want that extra luxurious shave, you could add a shaving cream or top off with a body oil to stay smooth the whole day.”

What’s the best way to shave hard to reach places?

Take a seat, advises Westerborn. “Sitting down while shaving, preferably in a bath, is a great tip as you come closer to the different spots of your body instead of bending over, which your back will thank you for,” she says. 

Which direction should you shave in?

Alas, there isn’t a one-direction-works-for-all solution. “Where the skin is more sensitive such as the bikini line, one should shave in the direction of hair growth,” she says. Our leg hairs are a different playing field. “The hair on our legs aren’t as thick and the skin is not as sensitive so can handle some shaving in different directions.” 

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Feeling motivated to upgrade your shaving routine? We’ve rounded up the four razor brands to invest in for a smoother shave.

Best razors for kind-to-skin hair removal

  • Estrid

    Estrid The Starter Kit razor
    Best skin-friendly razors: Estrid The Starter Kit

    Mindful of making your beauty routine more vegan-friendly? Add this to your arsenal. It’s the first vegan razor brand that doesn’t compromise on how nourishing the lubricant is. The formula contains moisturising aloe vera and vitamin E.

    The Scandi design razor comes as a part of a starter pack with two cartridge replacements and a wall holder. For those travelling, there’s an option to buy a case for safe storage.

    Its five blades are angled perfectly to remove hair without tugging, while the handle is slightly weighted, meaning it won’t slip out of your hands in the shower.

    Shop Estrid The Starter Kit at Estrid, from £7.95 (includes a razor, two cartridge replacements and a wall holder)

  • FFS

    FFS The Starter Kit
    Best skin-friendly razors: FFS The Starter Kit
    All about wanting beauty to feel effortless, FFS (Friction-Free Shaving) is a premium razor brand, without the premium price tag.

    The starter kit includes a razor and four blades (one for each week in a month). There are also options to add their balm deodorants and shave creams for the full experience.

    Its rose gold appearance isn’t just a pretty sight. Containing six diamond-coated steel blades per head and vitamin E lubricant, it’s optimised for a close shave. Plus, it has a bikini blade built in.

    While the handle itself is steel, it’s the perfect weight in between the Billie and the Estrid razors. 

    Shop FFS The Starter Kit at FFS, from £9.95 (includes a razor, four blades and a shower holder)

  • Gillette

    Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive with Skin Elixir
    Best skin-friendly razors: Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive with Skin Elixir
    Already a household name, this razor from Gillette Venus has been reinvented.

    Available as a single razor with one cartridge, it’s made for those with sensitive skin. 

    How exactly does it help skin that’s easily irritated? It’s all about the lubricant that accompanies the five extra-thin blades. It contains soothing hero aloe vera, as well as a moisture ribbon which helps to reduce the risk of nicks and cuts.

    It’s the lightest of the selection, making it the most travel-friendly option.

    Shop Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive with Skin Elixir at Superdrug, £11.99 (a pack of three razors)

  • Billie

    Billie Razor Start Kits
    Best skin-friendly razors: Billie Razor Start Kits
    At the forefront of the razor revolution, Billie is one of the first brands to bring us razors that are created by women. 

    Their starter kit includes a razor, wall holder and two cartridges. The brand also sells body wash, shave cream and body moisturiser.

    Simplistic in design, the razor comes in four colours from purple (pictured above) to coral and cool blue. 

    It’s a razor that’s on the lighter side, but still feels durable to use. The five bladed heads are rust-free, eliminating that extra worry. 

    In fact, the razor heads are infused with charcoal, which lather up as a foam in between the blades for a deeper, detoxifying shave.

    The Billie razor is currently US-only, however will be available in the UK soon. Shop Billie Razor Start Kits at Billie, from $9 (includes a razor, two blades and a magnetic holder)

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