Best retinol eye creams and serums that won't irritate your skin

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Retinol is one of the few skincare ingredients that makes a tangible difference. Here, we run through the best retinol eye products that won’t cause irritation.

Retinol. It’s one of the few skincare ingredients proven to deliver transformative results and is a firm favourite amongst dermatologists. Derived from vitamin A, retinols improve cell turnover, help fade pigmentation, encourages collagen production and reduces spots.

However, retinol can cause skin sensitivity and irritation. “We speak to a lot of people who have burnt their face with retinol because they didn’t really know what retinol was,” says Colette Newbury, co-founder of The INKEY List. If you’re a beginner, experts recommend building up your skin’s tolerance. Start with a low percentage two to three times a week, gradually working your way up to every night.

Unfortunately, while its hailed as a holy grail ingredient, its associations with skin irritation means some people worry about applying it to more sensitive areas of the face, such as your eyes. But this area is actually one of the key places to apply retinol. “Fine lines will start to appear here, which is one the benefits to retinol” explains Mary Curry, co-founder of The INKEY List.

As retinol encourages collagen production, it leaves skin plump and smooth. While you should of course be careful of getting retinol too close to your eyes, it’s fine to apply it around the contour of the eye. In fact, The INKEY List even made its own retinol eye cream.

“We’ve got a slow release retinol in there at 0.1% actual retinol,” says Curry. “This is because it’s working overtime overnight, so you’re going to get the impact.”

Eager to give it a go? Here’s some of our favourite retinol eye creams…

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