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Try out a new hair colour this year with these semi-permanent DIY kits

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Fancy a change of hair colour? These semi-permanent hair dyes are perfect for switching up your look, without the commitment.

Semi-permanent hair dye is a great way to try out a new style, without the long term commitment of permanent hair colour. 

You can do it at home, you don’t need to worry about re-growth and you’re safe in the knowledge that if you hate it, it’ll wash out in a matter of weeks. So whether you’re looking for a complete colour makeover or a subtle shade update, it’s really the perfect entryway into a new hair look, just in time for the new year. 

But knowing which is the best semi-permanent hair dye to use can be a whole lot of pressure. Get it right, and you’ve given yourself a makeover for under a tenner. Get it wrong, and you might find yourself wanting to wear a hat until it washes out.

To take some of the heat off, we’ve rounded up the best semi-permanent hair dyes on the market so you can colour your hair in confidence. No stress necessary.

The best at-home semi-permanent hair dyes

  • Best for customisable colour: Shrine Drop It Hair Colourant

    Best Semi Permanent Hair Dye

    These kits are great for completely customising your colour. Use the dropper to add as little or as much of the formula as you desire into your conditioner to tailor-make your own unique shade. Plus, the formula is completely vegan-friendly and the kit contains no single-use plastic. Win. 

    Shop SHRINE Drop It Hair Colourant at Boots, £12.99

  • Best for hassle-free application: Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint

    Best Semi Permanent Hair Dye

    If you’re a blonde or have pre-lightened hair and the idea of dyeing your own hair at home fills you with dread, this could be the temporary hair colour for you. Simply spray it onto damp hair in the shower, wait 1-2 minutes and rinse it out. Ta-da, a gorgeous rose gold tint that will last between 1-3 shampoos.

    Shop Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint at Boots, £11

How do you make semi-permanent hair dye last longer?

So, you’ve used a semi-permanent hair dye and the good news is: you love the colour. Now the question remains: how can you keep semi-permanent hair dye from fading? 

The best way to keep your colour for longer is to avoid over-washing your hair. Every time your hair gets wet, the hair cuticle swells and colour deposits are washed out. 

But while dry shampoo can become your best friend, you’re still going to need to wash your hair. A great way to keep the colour for longer is to buy a second pack of hair colour, and use a small amount every time you condition your hair. 

Bleach London also offer shampoos and conditioners that are enriched with a small amount of colour – so if you can find one that’s similar to the shade you’re trying to maintain, these can be a lifesaver. 

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