Best Clarifying Shampoos for Greasy Hair

8 best clarifying shampoos for greasy hair, so you can go a little longer between washes

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If washing your hair regularly feels like a bridge too far at the moment, a clarifying shampoo for greasy hair can help to extend the lifespan of each wash. 

When was the last time you washed your hair? Yesterday, two days ago, longer? Call it lazy or call it tactical, but right now, more and more of us are stretching out the lifespan of our hair washes, strategically hiding greasy roots under festive headbands and slicked back buns.

But it isn’t just laziness that might be making your hair greasy. If you’ve upped the ante on your home workouts, or been piling on dry shampoo, your hair can be weighed down, making it look lifeless.

Now, a clean scalp is definitely a healthy scalp, so it would be remiss of us to recommend you pull back on the shampoo too much. But, the best way to eke out a hair wash is to make sure the shampoo you use cleanses the hair and scalp so well that you can go much longer before your next wash cycle.

Here’s where clarifying shampoos come in. This particular category of shampoo works like a magnet to attract any excess sebum sitting on the scalp. It strips back pollution, oil and product build-up, meaning each wash leaves you with a completely clean slate, which will take that bit longer to turn greasy again.

If you have naturally greasy hair, celebrity hairdresser Jamie Stevens recommends not conditioning every time you wash and conditioning just at the ends. He also claims using a natural bristle brush will redistribute the oil from the roots down the hair shaft. But don’t over-brush (that encourages more oil production) and keep your brush clean so that oil isn’t transferred back onto your hair. 

Plus, swerve heavy moisturising ingredients and silicones. Stevens explains that these, “can cause a build-up on the hair shaft and are hard to remove, which will exacerbate the problem”.

So, if you’re ready to please your inner lazy girl with a clarifying shampoo, read on to discover the shampoos that will keep your hair shiny sans the slickness.

The best shampoos for greasy hair

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