QUIZ: What’s missing from your daily skincare routine?

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Ever wondered what was missing from your beauty ritual? We’ve got just the thing to help you find out…

Skincare is as much about the kind of lifestyle you lead as the products you use.

That means that when it comes to keeping your complexion looking fresh, tailoring your products to your lifestyle is the way to go.

Take our quiz below to discover what’s missing from your routine…

Question 1/7

Your morning alarm goes off - what are you doing?

Question 2/7

Time for skincare. What’s top of your list?

Question 3/7

You’re feeling stressed. What do you do?

Question 4/7

How good are you at staying hydrated?

Question 5/7

How often do you take your make-up off before bed?

Question 6/7

How much attention do you pay to the ingredients in your skincare?

Question 7/7

How do you handle a break out?

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What did I miss?

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