5 skincare lifesavers that don't need a sink

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Dear jet-setters, festival-goers and night owls: these skincare saviours are about to transform your regime…

Despite our best efforts, we’ve all been guilty of occasionally hitting the sack without as much as a courtesy face wipe in sight.

Be it a hectic island-hopping holiday, dancing until the early hours, or just watching Game of Thrones until you’re borderline comatose, sometimes the double cleanse, tone and moisturise vibe just isn’t happening.

So, if waking up with sore eyes from the previous day’s make-up still in place, finding remnants of glitter across your cheeks, or lipstick-stained lips (actually, that can be quite a becoming look…) feels all too familiar, we have the news your skin has been waiting for.

Skincare specialists are now formulating an arsenal of wonder-products that don’t require a single drop of water to use. And we’re fully on board.

So, let’s embrace the no-sink skincare revolution with these game changers…

1. The cleanser

Some beauty therapists believe that cleansing really is the most important step in your regime, and this milky cleanser from Clarins is a brilliant choice if you’re on the go or adopting a new streamlined skincare routine. 

The silky consistency is kind to the skin and has the added bonus of – you guessed it – not being needed to rinse off. 

2. The toner

We like our toners formulated with whole flowers, thanks very much. 

Enter this delicious toner from Kiehl’s. 

It’s carefully balanced to soothe and calm skin, with none of that tight, squeaky-feeling that water or other toners can leave in its tracks. 

In fact, all you need is a cotton pad.     

3. The exfoliator

Picture the scene: five days of camping (OK, glamping), questionable washing facilities, and not a stem of broccoli in sight, topped off with not nearly enough sleep. 

Our skin can feel pretty lacklustre after even just a few days of neglect. Fear not – these Elemis pads deep-clean and exfoliate the skin. Just use gently in circular motions.

The result is next-to-new skin that feels smoother and more radiant. 

4. The eye mask

You say Sunday morning admin o’clock; we say the perfect opportunity to give yourself a mini-facial while you’re paying your electricity bill. 

These Shiseido eye patches give tired eyes a well-deserved dose of retinol (a derivative of vitamin A) and penetrate the skin in just 15 minutes. 

Smoother, brighter eyes are just minutes away – and all from your sofa. 

5. The face wipes

Anything that contains micellar water makes us instantly feel like we’re doing good by our skin, right? 

Aimed at sensitive complexions, these nifty wipes from Mac contain the magic nectar and don’t feel abrasive on your skin. Instead, they leave it feeling refreshed and free from the day’s make-up. 

What sink?

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