The best sweet perfumes that aren’t the slightest bit sickly

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Sweet perfumes usually get a bad rap for being too overbearing but there are plenty on the market that are an olfactory treat. Here, we round up our favourites.

When it comes to the world of fragrance, it’s heavily dominated by sweet scents. Yet, despite their massive presence on the high street, they’re probably the perfume category that’s the most divisive.

While some find that sweet perfumes bring a fun splash of youthful spirit with every spritz, for others, they have a bad reputation for being too overwhelming and inducing the same type of headache you get post-sugar rush.

But if you fall into the latter category, hear us out: there are lots of sweet perfumes that are far from sickly. Over recent years, perfumers have developed sweet, gourmand fragrances that are perfectly balanced by musky, earthy notes that hit the, well, sweet spot.

Here, we round up our favourites.

Sweet perfumes that aren’t sickly

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