best vanilla fragrances

Vanilla fragrances are having a moment right now: here are 12 of the best

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It was likely an ingredient in your favourite fragrance growing up, but vanilla has recently experienced its very own coming of age story. 

Whether you doused yourself in So… Kiss Me! body spray or misted Mugler Angel on the way to school, we’re guessing that your favourite fragrance growing up contained a lot of vanilla. 

But those sweet vanilla scents of the 90s and 00s have seemingly fallen by the wayside in more recent years, with spicy, leathery, musky fragrances taking vanilla’s place on the top spot. Liking vanilla became uncool. Until now that is.  

“Vanilla has been used for a long time in perfumery,” explains fragrance expert Veronique Gabai. “It connects many of us to happy moments in childhood – the sweet taste that is embedded in our brains as delicious – vanilla is a small pleasure we can all relate to.”

After a chaotic few years, it’s no surprise that we’re looking for fragrances that feel comforting, nostalgic and safe. “We could all do with a moment of peace and quiet right now,” says Gabai. “Something that comforts us and connects us to a happy moment or to our childhood, when things were perhaps a bit easier.”

With its comforting creaminess and decadent sweetness, vanilla is a smell that evokes memories in us all. But in 2022, the scent of a generation has been given a much-needed modern shake-up – with blends of citrus, tobacco and woods. With new launches from Byredo and resurgences from The Body Shop, there’s no question that vanilla’s having a major moment right now. Shop our favourites below…

12 of the best vanilla fragrances

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