These are 9 of team Stylist’s favourite vegan beauty products

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From perfume to dry shampoo, tinted moisturiser and cleanser, here are the best vegan beauty products according to the Stylist team.

The world of beauty is constantly moving at a rapid pace. 

Not too long ago there wasn’t quite so much focus on whether brands were sustainable, if products were eco-friendly and, although these conversations were always bubbling away in the background, they definitely weren’t as prominent as they are now.

The same goes for vegan beauty. It’s always been around and it’s always been something some consumers look for. However, in terms of growth and popularity, the entire vegan industry is becoming more and more important when it comes to the conscious choices made while shopping beauty.

In fact, according to Marketing Week, in the UK alone, Google searches for the term ‘vegan beauty’ have doubled every year since 2012, and there has been a 175% increase in vegan cosmetic launches globally in the past five years.

Here, the Stylist team share their most-loved vegan products – and there are some surprises in the mix. 

The best vegan beauty products

  • Best vegan body oil


    “This is my favourite body oil of all time – and I’ve tried a lot (I’ve always preferred silky, sink-in-quick oils to rich, thick lotions). Both sustainably and ethically made, its key moisturising ingredient is shea butter processed by a women’s cooperative in Ghana. But it’s the subtle scent that makes it a buy-forever product for me: a heavenly blend of soothing lavender, sunny bergamot and heady ylang ylang oils that manages to be floral, creamy and earthy all at once. The definition of elegant plant-based beauty.”

    Moya Crockett, deputy editor, Stylist Loves and contributing women’s editor,

    Shop R&R Luxury Serenity Shea Oil at R&R Luxury, £18

  • Best vegan dry shampoo


    “I am a dry shampoo fiend. Even when my hair is freshly washed, I spray it to a) preempt any oiliness and b) to help add slight volume and some guts. Colab is my all-time favourite because not only is it affordable but it also smells incredible (Paradise and Dreamer are best) and it truly is invisible. On my brunette hair, the majority or dry shampoos leave white residue that’s impossible to get out, but this doesn’t. I love it so much and I will use it forevermore.”

    Lucy Partington, beauty editor

    Shop Colab Dry Shampoo at Feelunique, £3

  • Best vegan perfume


    “There’s something about this that just completely captivates everyone in its wake. It’s so sensual without a hint of sweetness, musky without smelling sour or animalistic, and it smells better and better as the day goes on. In other words, it’s “clean but also a bit dirty, it’s sexy but understated,” as our beauty editor Lucy Partington said in her entire ode to Another 13. Buy it.”

    Ava Welsing-Kitcher, Stylist contributor

    Shop Le Labo Another 13 at Cult Beauty, from £60

  • Best vegan tinted moisturiser


    “Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint is one of my favourite go-to products when I want to give my skin a little boost. It’s lightweight, durable and really easy to apply – I just wash my hands and then use my fingers to smooth the product onto my skin (not the pro method, I know). It’s the first product I’ve found that doesn’t make my skin feel sticky or clogged up throughout the day, and while it doesn’t provide much coverage, it gives my skin the perfect tint. The fact that it’s vegan means I’m happy repurchasing it – using non-vegan products is something I try to avoid nowadays!”

    Lauren Geall, junior digital writer

    Shop Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint at Glossier, £20

  • Best vegan face mist


    “I have very sensitive skin that’s prone to occasional dry patches, but when it’s hot outside I don’t really want to slather on loads of moisturiser in the morning: it tends to increase the sensation that my face is melting like a wax candle.

    So recently, I’ve become obsessed with the Fundamental Ampule Mist by cult Korean vegan skincare brand Klairs. It contains camellia leaf water, cucumber, hibiscus fruit extract and all kinds of natural, refreshing-sounding ingredients, but really all I care about is the fact that it makes my face look and feel unbelievably moisturised, supple and dewy for hours on end. Plus, the sturdy pump is extremely satisfying to spritz with.”

    Moya Crockett, deputy editor, Stylist Loves and contributing women’s editor,

    Shop Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist at Beauty and Seoul, £26

  • Best vegan blusher


    “I don’t wear much make-up, so I like my blusher to give me a natural, dewy flush rather than a powdery finish. Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks ticks all of my boxes – super smooth to apply, easy to blend, and peps my face up even on cold/hungover/overtired days. It’s more expensive than my Origins tinted moisturiser (also vegan) but I’ve been using it for months with no sign of it running out. Worth it.”

    Kat Poole, Stylist contributor

    Shop Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick at Net-A-Porter, £44

  • Best vegan cleanser


    “I’ve loved everything I’ve used from Pai, particularly the Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser + Cloth, which makes me, and my rosacea-prone skin, feel calmer with just one whiff. Also a big fan of the super-nourishing Rosehip Oil.”

    Amy Davies-Adams, production editor

    Shop Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser + Cloth at Cult Beauty, £34

  • Best vegan face mask


    “There’s nothing I love more than a face mask, but this 100% vegan one is probably my favourite – partly because it’s so effortless, mostly because it really works. All you have to do is smear it all over your face at night, shiver a little bit until it warms up, and then go to sleep. Simple. And, honestly, you’ll wake up to very happy, ultra-moisturised and super fresh-looking skin in the AM. I tend to save this one for a Sunday night treat, because I like to make it last as much as possible.”

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