8 vegan perfumes to see you through summer

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Lauren Wigley
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Whether you’re a plant-based lifer or casually curious about cruelty-free, these eight plant-based perfumes are sure to shake up your scent, all with a clear conscience.

We’ve all heard Veganism is on the rise but now it’s not just what we’re eating that’s making waves. From pop-up chick’n shops to an avalanche of avocado based dishes, the world of veggie snacks is sky rocketing. But, picking plant based doesn’t have to end when you finish the last bite of seitan, you can now smell sensational too; all whilst helping out your furry friends. Global market research providers Mintel reported that 13 per cent of beauty and personal products launched in 2017 carried a vegan claim, up from just six per cent in 2015. Despite the increase in awareness, a lot of brands may include Honey or Milk as additions to their fragrance offerings and for those of us looking to part ways with anything animal based, this is a huge no-no, meaning that keeping our perfumes Vegan is the way to go.

Check out our eight favourite fragrances below…

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, 50ml

Bold yet smooth, this velvety perfume from Elizabeth and James is a silky and captivating fragrance, that epitomises freedom and endless possibility. The powerful blend of violet, sandalwood and rich vanilla, is the perfect recipe for desire. Not too feminine, this impressive and intoxicating scent is all you need to kick-start a serious summer adventure.


Escentric Molecules 04, 100ml

The continuation and fourth instalment of the ‘anti-perfume’ story by Escentric Molecules is a smooth, almost stroke-able velvet scent. It is the perfect balance of lab derived ingredients and fresh, spicy elements, which awaken the senses and creates a wholly addictive and intoxicating experience from the moment it touches your skin. From zesty pink grapefruit, to fresh soft rose and the unique herbal hint of marijuana, this is a one-spritz-fits-all kind of perfume. The hotter your skin, the better it smells, so bask in some rays and enjoy.


Le Labo Santal 33, 100ml

You’ve probably smelt this cult fragrance drifting through every major city in the UK. Practically screaming summer, the classic Santal 33 by master perfumers Le Labo is a truly heady unisex fragrance, that encapsulates the feeling of the American west, old school and masculine. Starting with notes of spicy cardamom and iris, this deliciously inviting scent develops with notes of ambrox and creates a leathery, musky hit of distinctive decadence.


LUSH Gorilla Perfume in Rentless, 30ml

This warm, captivating scent from LUSH is a clever mix of zesty grapefruit oil, calming patchouli and creamy, sweet tonka absolute. The idea behind this fragrance is ‘making something out of nothing’, proving the relentless attitude of the creator Tachowa, who whilst living on the streets made his home in a water tank just outside LA an actual work of art. The fascinating tale is as rich as the scent that encapsulates it. One spray and you’re ready to take on the world.


Sharani Iris Véritable, 50ml

Iris is well known as one of the pricier perfumer’s ingredients of choice. Dried for three years to maximise the exotic rarity of this base ingredient, this organic fragrance offers something different and striking to the regular perfume pallet. With a floral heart of Rose and Jasmine, it evolves into a deliciously woody base of Violet. This delicate scent is something you wont smell all over the office, it’s as unique as it is addictively inviting.


Stella McCartney POP, 30ml

Tuberose is turned on its head in this ultra-modern take on a floral, feminine fragrance. Paired with sensual sandalwood, the result is an incredibly fresh and modern scent that is all about individuality and breaking moulds, without being too heavy or OTT.


Chantecaille Le Wild, 75ml

If you’re into florals, this is the perfume for you. From the notes of Brazilian gardenia, lily, tuberose and jasmine blending together in a wreath of flowery blooms, to the sensual musks and ambergris lifting the scent to a sensory peak from the bottom, this fragrance envelops you in a dreamy floral veil from the very first sniff.


Jo Loves Orange Butterflies, 50ml

Crisp yet heady, this punch of pure citrus indulgence is just the thing to whisk you away to warmer climes, even if the British weather isn’t quite a summer paradise. Orange blossom, mandarin and neroli lift the senses to something warm and beachy. Think South of France with a cocktail in hand and a blissful golden haze of sunlight lazily poking through the trees, bottled.


Main image: Daniel Apodaca