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These are the biggest make-up trends for autumn/winter, according to top make-up artists

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Are you ready to shake up your make-up bag and embrace a new beauty look? You’ve come to the right place. From 00s glossy lips to graphic liner, we’ve got all the make-up inspiration you’ll need (and then some)…

Now that we’re finally out and about again, it seems like we’re all up for experimenting a bit more with our make-up. From the floating eyeliner trend that’s all over instagram to the 90s grunge resurgence, it feels like make-up has become fun again and we’re all getting a bit more experimental with our make-up looks. 

So if you’re in the mood to spice up your everyday make-up game, you’ve come to the right place. We spoke to some of the top make-up artists, to ask them which make-up trends they predict will be huge this autumn/winter. Keep scrolling for some major make-up inspiration…

The biggest make-up trends for autumn/winter 2021

The post-summer glow

“Even if you only caught a glimmer of sun, chances are you’ll want to maximise that summer glow as we head into autumn,” says Gia Mills, celebrity make-up artist and founder of Skin in Motion. “If you want to boost your glow, try using your darker summer foundation as a creamy bronzer as your skin lightens through the season. You know it already matches your skin tone as well as being that touch warmer, so it seamlessly gives a gentle sun-kissed look to your autumn skin.” 

00s gloss

“Tom Ford and Lanvin rocked super glossy lips at their autumn/winter shows, which is both super easy to do and nourishing for the lips too,” says Mills. “Pop on your favourite lipstick shade, blot and keep a moisturising glossy lip balm handy, ideally one with a hint of colour. You get to rock the trend but also keep your lips protected from the harsh autumn wind.”  

Multi-purpose make-up

“As we merge back into real life, multi-purpose make-up that helps us go from ‘work out’ to ‘work’ is having a moment,” notes Mills.

“Whether it’s a sweat-proof concealer or waterproof mascara, consumers are looking for make-up that gives them the flexibility they need to be able to navigate their way through their new normal ‘work day’ whether that be a pre-work school drop off followed by mid-morning client zoom or lunchtime spin.”

Bold eyes

“One of my favourite trends this fall will be a bold, rich coloured eye look,” says Maxine Christians, brand ambassador for Jillian Dempsey Make-up. “Last year we wore basically no make-up and embraced our bare faces in lockdown, so I think this year we want to express ourselves again. Think bright eyeshadows – lots of reds and blues. I’m personally loving pink and red hues right now.” 

Graphic Liner

“We’re becoming more brave and creative in this area and I’m loving it,” says Christians. “It’s so wonderful seeing everyone’s version of a graphic eyeliner look. Options are limitless and you really get to play. It’s so chic and cool.”

The under-liner

“We’ve seen the reverse cat-eye all over social media but the strong under-eye liner is no online fad,” says Jessica Kohn, make-up artist for Laura Mercier.

“Place a strong but deep colour under the eye and smoke it out. This is an easy way to experiment with colour – plums, blues and khakis work great.”

Monochromatic make-up

“Our make-up routines have been stripped back and the quickest and easiest way to achieve an effortless, chic look is to use the same shade across the eyes, cheeks and lips. Try using the Laura Mercier Long-Wear Caviar Stick in ‘cashmere’ on the eyes and then use a lipstick across the lips and dabbed onto the cheeks for a youthful and bright look,” suggests Kohn.

The return of lipstick

“Lipstick has taken a back seat for the past year or so but now it’s back and bolder than ever,” says Kohn. “Pair your favourite bold lip, whether it be an intense brick red or pop of fuchsia, with very stripped-back and glossy skin. Perfect for your morning zoom meeting!”

Watercolour make-up

“There are loads of beautiful sheer, glass-like products coming through for the skin at the moment,” notes Caroline Barnes, make-up artist and Max Factor ambassador. “It’s kind of reminiscent of watercolour – everything is very translucent and sheer, set against long fluffy lashes and brows.”

Strong, elegant lip looks

“The other side of the coin at the moment is the feeling of taking off your mask and celebrating your face again,” says Barnes. “Bold, contrasting, strong matte lips are back – but with more of a graphic shape than we’ve seen for a while. Think pointed and elegant-looking around the cupid’s bow. Flamboyant, carnival make-up is what we’re excited about right now. It’s about having as much fun as possible!”

Berry and cool-toned eyes

“I am totally seeing the resurgence of berry eye hues – in washes of colour, smoky eyes and graphic styles,” says Jamie Genevieve, make-up artist and founder of Vieve. “It’s such an easy and flattering way to lean into autumnal tones. I also feel a real 90s shift to the classic cooler-toned shadows like greys, mauves and pinks – which are forever a favourite of mine.” 

Dark lips

“I know what you’re thinking, dark lips for autumn? It’s not exactly groundbreaking,” Genevieve jokes. “But it’s the iconic move in make-up that happens every year without fail. A classic red, plum or berry lip always looks polished, modern and seasonal. Play around with deeper liners to mix up the look.”

Polished skin

“The trend of ‘barely there’ base make-up is something I think will stick around for a long time,” says Genevieve. “The Parisian style of pairing natural, polished skin with a bold eye or lip is timeless.”

Soft, sultry eyes

“I believe a lot of us have become accustomed to the natural, minimalist glam as we’ve had to wear face masks for so long,” says Mahina Makeup, make-up artist and founder of MY. “We’ve adjusted to wearing less product and are only now emphasising our eyes again. Wispy kitten lashes paired with a soft, winged liner will definitely be a big trend. It’s a classic in the day and can easily be vamped up for a dramatic night look.”

All about the lips

“One thing we’ll definitely be seeing this fall is the return of bold lips. All lip products – from glosses to tints and lipsticks – are bound to surge in popularity,” explains Mahina.     

Stained glass gloss

“Wearing see-through colour under a layer of glassy shine is a great way of pulling off a high-gloss trend without it feeling too over-the-top disco,” says Terry Barber, director of make-up artistry at Mac Cosmetics. 

“Think pushed-in colour stains with a balmy, juicy finish. Glossy features don’t have to look drippy, it’s more about them looking plumped and highly moisturised.”

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