Bobbi Brown is launching a new wellness line – here’s what you need to know

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The first lady of beauty is out to prove it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The industry icon talks Stylist through her new wellness line, Evolution 18.     

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say that Bobbi Brown revolutionised the beauty industry. In fact, between her hundreds of ultra-functional products and nine beauty books, Brown has made it her life’s work to make it easy for women to look and feel glowier

So even though she stepped aside from her eponymous brand in 2016, the Stylist beauty team is thankful her break was little more than a hiatus, with Brown now launching a new venture: Evolution 18. 

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“People are realising that health and wellness is not frivolous, everybody needs to take care of themselves,” says Brown. Rethinking the world of supplements, Evolution 18’s products are a far cry from the fishy-tasting pellets of yesteryear. 

The former make-up artist has developed flavourless capsules, sweet-tasting chewable gummies, delicious powders to add to smoothies and effervescent tablets (think a chicer version of Berocca), each delivering a potent blend of vitamins and minerals without leaving a bad taste in your mouth. “I put a scoop of the collagen powder in coffee or hot cocoa,” she says.

Expect stronger nails, shinier hair and more radiant skin. Let the glow up begin. 

  • Evolution 18 Beauty Collagen


    Add one scoop to a glass of water every day to help boost collagen levels in hair, skin and nails.

    Evolution 18 Beauty Collagen, £25

  • Evolution 18 Beauty Glow


    Billed as the ‘ultimate beauty pill’, these capsules have been made with collagen, vitamins and a unique blend of hyaluronic acid grape seed extract to help hydrate and repair skin. 

    Evolution 18 Beauty Glow, £15

  • Evolution 18 Beauty Grow


    Formulated with collagen, zinc and biotin, taking two capsules a day will help stimulate shiny hair and strong nails. 

    Evolution 18 Beauty Grow, £15

  • Evolution 18 Beauty Gummy


    These natural berry-flavoured gummies are packed with biotin which helps promote thick, healthy hair and strong nails.

    Evolution 18 Beauty Gummy, £20

  • Evolution 18 Beauty Blend


    Like the gummies, this powder has a natural berry flavour and incorporates a blend of over 30 different fruits and vegetables to help skin glow from the inside out.

    Evolution 18 Beauty Blend, £25

  • Evolution 18 Beauty Bubbles Recharge, £20


    A hydrating blend of hyaluronic acid, coconut water and prickly pair, you can dissolve a tablet into a glass of water to help protect cells and lock in much-needed moisture. 

    Evolution 18 Beauty Bubbles Recharge, £20

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Images: courtesy of Evolution 18


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