Bobbi Brown TikTok nose contouring viral video

Beauty entrepreneur Bobbi Brown has gone viral on TikTok for her views on nose contouring

Bobbi Brown is known for her approach to natural, understated beauty. Recently, she’s gone viral for her opinion on nose contouring.

We save our straightest talk for the ones we love, right? If not our family, it’s our friends sitting us down and telling us what’s what. Well, we can now count celebrity make-up artist and founder of Jones Road Beauty Bobbi Brown among those special few. 

In a now-viral TikTok video, Brown responds to a follower asking for advice on how to contour her nose. If you’re not familiar, nose contouring is a method of adding shade and light to the sides and bridge of the nose respectively. The result can make the nose appear straighter and more narrow. 

“Contouring my nose has always been a struggle. Please help!” read the message to Brown. Her response: a refreshingly honest and empathetic take on how she embraced her own appearance.

“Why would you want to contour your nose?” she says. “I think your natural face is the most beautiful face; it’s about being comfortable in your skin, it’s about being confident. 

“When I was a kid my mother offered me a nose job – clearly I didn’t get it. I embrace who I am, I want everyone to embrace who you are and use make-up to just make you feel better about yourself. Just give yourself a glow. Stop contouring your nose, you don’t need it.”

Racking up over 600,000 views and 70,000 likes, Brown’s fans flooded the comments with supportive messages: “Welp. If Bobbi Brown says I don’t need to contour my nose then I am FREE!!!” reads one. “The queen of natural beauty,” says another. 

No-nonsense advice from one of the most successful beauty and business entrepreneurs in history? We love to see it.

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