Why we need to shift our view of skincare beyond our faces

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You probably have a multi-step routine for your face, but when it comes to body care, it’s whatever’s quickest. Your skin has the same needs all over, so why do we only give skincare to our complexions? 

Our skincare routines say more about us than our postcodes, star signs or friendship group. 

We all vote with our wallets, so when you choose ethical and sustainable skincare, it sends a message about your core values and ideals. 

Similarly, the more steps you work into your routine reflects how much you enjoy the process of pampering and how you use skincare as self care. 

We can spend months (or even years) fine-tuning our facial skincare routines to find the exact combination of serums and lotions that have us feeling our glowing best, and yet when it comes to body care, we scrimp and cut corners, both on quality and sustainability. 

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it doesn’t stop at your chin.

Your neck and décolletage get just as much sun as your face (see also: your hands) while your shoulders and back can be very prone to breakouts.

Whatever your skin type on your face is, it’ll be the skin type for the rest of your body. That means if you reach for skincare to treat dryness or sensitivity on your face, you should be following through with the same care for the rest of your body.      

The easiest way to make your body care, well, actually caring (both for you and the planet) is to focus on your time in the shower.

Your morning shower may only be minutes, but it’s the one slice of time you get every day to connect with your body and put in a little bit of TLC.

Choose gentle products like Sanex Zero% Shower Gel, which is totally hypo-allergenic and made without sulfates and colourants that can strip the skin and leave it sore.

What’s more, it’s a 99% biodegradable formula, so you can rest easy that what’s washed away is as kind as what’s left on your skin.

With varieties tailored to a range of different skin types, it’s the perfect way to create a mindful moment and start your body care routine. Plus, it’s the only British Skin Foundation accredited shower gel brand - time to ditch that fluorescent daiquiri scented shower gel you’ve been dousing your skin with.

The skin on your body has very similar needs to those of your face, so while you might not need make-up removal, you’ll still benefit from a deep but gentle cleanse to remove sweat, sebum and SPF that can clog pores and cause body breakouts.

Exfoliation is also brilliant for your body – not only is it incredibly satisfying, but it can help the skin feel firmer and tauter.

Finally, hydration – a little lick of lotion goes a long way to help prolong that super-soft feeling.

Of course, your routine doesn’t have to be set in stone, and just like skincare, you can scale it up or down depending on how much time you have. 

Just like a Sunday evening face mask and luxurious skincare and Netflix ritual, when you have the time, you can do more with your body care. 

If you’re in it for the long haul start with vigorous body brushing to boost your lymph system by getting rid of any toxic build-up on the skin surface and slough off dead skin (this kind of exfoliation also helps anything you apply afterwards absorb so much better). 

Next up, use your Sanex Zero% Shower Gel in the shower and allow the natural moisturising ingredients to do their thing. Finally, finish off with a super-fluffy towel, Sanex Zero% roll-on deodorant and your favourite lotion. 

When you’re in a rush? As long as you’ve got the right products, even a streamlined session will give benefits for both your mind and your body.

Put simply, body care is all about an attitude shift we should be moving towards.

Instead of breaking off body care into its own ‘maybe-if-I-have-time’ stage, think of it as part of your skincare routine. Not an extension or a suffix or an addendum, but a fundamental pillar.

Just as skincare isn’t about looking pretty, body care runs deeper than something reserved for the week leading up to the beach and doesn’t have to be complicated.

Choosing your products thoughtfully and treating your body with the same respect you afford your face goes a long way both physically and mentally.

Care for your body with Sanex Zero%, a shower gel that’s kind to your skin and the planet with a 99% biodegradable formula, moisturisers of natural origin and fewer chemical ingredients. Shop the range below.

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