Breaking new ground: introducing 2017's most innovative beauty products

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An impressive batch of innovative products are set to answer beauty’s biggest conundrums for good. Introducing 2017’s heavyweights…

Words: Perdita Nouril
Photography: David Marquez

  • The unclumpable mascara

    Volume Shake Mascara, £8.99, Rimmel

    Ever experienced the frustration of finding your mascara has prematurely dried up? This ingenious mascara introduces patent-pending ‘shaker’ technology inspired by the mechanism of the ink cartridge inside a fountain pen. A moving cylinder, when shaken, works like a whisk to remix the waxes and oils into a smooth liquid meaning the volumising formula stays effective until it has all run out.

    On sale 15 March

  • The hydrating self-tan

    Coconut Melting Tanning Balm, £30, James Read

    The backbone of every good tan is deeply hydrated skin, so it’s frustrating that oil also strips colour pigments. Until now. Harnessing the world’s first oil-friendly tanning proteins (formed by emulsifying them to improve stability) and nourishing coconut oil, this tanning balm is a real game-changer. Where regular formulas can cling to dry areas, Stylist’s beauty director found this silky balm-to-oil softened skin and created our most radiant tan yet.

    On sale 1 March

  • The industry game-changer

    Great Skin Foundation, from £4.68, Beauty Pie

    Imagine if luxury make-up cost the same as your favourite budget buys. Well, Marcia Kilgore, the brains behind Soap & Glory, has made that a reality with Beauty Pie, the most radical beauty launch we’ve seen in years. Each item is manufactured in the same factories as bestselling high- end brands but when you sign up to a £10-a-month membership, you purchase products at cost price. In short, top quality make-up with change from a fiver.

    On sale now

  • The Tangle-Busting Hair Mask

    Smooth Definition Mask, £6.49, Toni & Guy

    If you suffer from knotty hair post-wash, this hair mask is for you. Harnessing ‘microsheet’ technology, conditioning agents sit like tiny playing cards around the hair fibre, acting as mini flood defences around each strand. The water then cushions each hair, forcing them apart rather than together stopping tangles in their tracks. After a month’s use, Stylist’s beauty editor can confirm your hairbrush’s days are numbered.

    On sale 17 January

  • The surgery grade device

    Youth Activator, £240, Iluminage

    Hardcore anti-ageing treatments like light therapy were once only available in the dermatologist’s chair. Now, Illuminage’s Youth Activator puts professional therapies into our own hands. Held to the face, it’s the first at-home device to deliver infrared light to improve circulation (hello glowy skin), while pulses of radio frequency send waves of thermal energy to the deeper layers of the skin to kickstart collagen production. Clever.

    On sale April

  • The 24-Hour Concealer

    Soft Matte Concealer, £23, Nars

    There’s little use in a concealer that gives the illusion of 12 hours’ sleep if by 3pm it’s slid halfway down your face. Say hello to the most dependable concealer to date. The heavyweight formula disguises the ugliest of hangovers while a cocktail of antioxidants bat away pesky pollution. But the genius lies in its ‘stretch’ technology. Packed full of collagen-boosting peptides, it sits delicately over the skin without gathering in any folds.

    On sale 1 February

  • The hydrating face mask

    Hydra Sparkling Moisturising and Embellishing Foam Mask, £40, Givenchy From sheet masks to multi-masking, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve seen it all when it comes to face masks. Givenchy’s innovative whipped formula reworks the skincare staple once again. Inspired by the bubbles in sparkling water, the mask is created using five differently weighted water molecules, which form a mesh of bubbles around skin cells to lock in hydration reserves long after you wash the mask off.

    On sale 1 February

  • The overnight sensation

    Advanced Night Repair Recovery Mask-In-Oil, £55, Estée Lauder

    Your skin loses moisture at night much faster than it does in the day, which can lead to a dull complexion come morning, no matter how much night cream you apply. Estée Lauder’s new Mask-in-Oil sets to change that. The oily mask seals in the hydrating benefits of your night cream, but also works deeper to encourage the production of filaggrin – a natural protein that maintains skin’s moisture levels. Don’t go to bed without it.

    On sale now (