Brow surgery: nine products to fix common eyebrow problems

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We asked the members of our reader beauty community – the Stylist Beauty Council – to share their biggest brow hang-ups.

Because there’s no brow problem that can’t be fixed.

See the products they recommend in the gallery below.

  • Grey brows

    How do I go about tackling brows that are greying in areas?

    This is notoriously tricky territory as using products to disguise the loss of colour can often lead to multicoloured brows. Instead, try a brow tint, which will unify the shade. Permanent Brow Tint, £9.95, Eylure ( takes just 10 minutes to apply and will refresh the colour of your brows, providing smudge-proof and water-resistant colour that will last for up to six weeks.

  • Quick brows

    I do my make-up on the bus. What’s the quickest way to groom my brows?

    Jerky public transport needs a product that can be applied in one fluid movement. Benefit’s new 3D Browtones, £18.50 (, is like mascara for brows. The multi-tonal shades work like hair highlights to give brows a realistic colour finish and the gel grips to the hair to make it look thicker. We promise you won’t even need a mirror.

  • Shaping brows

    Over-plucking has left my brows with no ‘tails’. How do I recreate them?

    Try a brow stencil, such as Brows by Mii’s Statement Brow Kit, £16.95 (, which has five stencils to help you find a style to suit your face shape. Lay the stencil over the brow bone and fill in with pencil, pomade or powder.

  • Neat brows

    My unruly brows grow in different directions. How can I tame them?

    Don’t be scared to trim brow hairs to keep them in check – Brow Scissors, £16, Anastasia Beverly Hills ( have the sharpest, and therefore most accurate, blades we’ve tried. Brush the brows upwards and snip off mere millimetres of any extra-long hairs. Simply brush them back into place and you’ll be left with much neater brows.

  • Growing brows

    What can I do to make my brows grow quicker?

    Eyebrow Exfoliator, £16, Blink ( has a formula designed to coax away ingrown hairs and dead skin, encouraging hair growth, while vitamin E simultaneously conditions your existing hairs. In the evening, dab Eyebrow Lipocils, £26, Talika ( over brows. It’s clinically proven to stimulate brow growth in 28 days.

  • Sparse brows

    How can I fill in sparse brows?

    A light buildable pencil with a soft nib will help you fill in the gaps with realistic hair-like lines. Hold an eyebrow pencil (try Defining Pencil, £15, loosely, as if you were sketching, and use very light strokes over any naked areas. Use a spoolie brush to blend the natural hairs with the faux ones.

  • Standout brows

    I wear glasses. How can I still make sure my brows stand out?

    If large frames are disguising your brows, you just need to add extra volume to make them noticeable again. Sketch a brow crayon like Brow Artist Maker, £5.99, L’Oréal Paris ( over the centre of the brow. The skin underneath will pick up the colour pigment, making brows appear denser, while the creamy formula will coat hairs to make them look thicker.

  • Fair brows

    My eyebrows are very fair. How can I enhance them without going overboard?

    Blondes and redheads get the short straw when it comes to brow products, as many are designed with brunettes in mind. Luckily, Benefit’s new Goof Proof Brow Pencil, £18.50 (, comes in six shades, meaning it’s easier than ever to match to your hair colour. Focus on the centre for a more natural finish.

  • Filling brows

    How do I fill in the inner corner of my brow, while making it look natural?

    To find your brow’s optimum starting point, hold a pencil vertically against your nose up to the brow and start shading from there. Brushing a brow gel (try Long-Wear Brow Gel, £17, Bobbi Brown, which comes in an impressive eight shades; in vertical strokes will look more realistic here – just be sure to run a brow brush through them afterwards to blend with the natural hair.