Illamasqua Bushy Eyebrows Review

“This simple eyebrow routine helps maintain my thick, bushy brow look”

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Eyebrows can be tricky to deal with, whether they’re thick, thin, or somewhere in between. As a fan of the thick, bushy brows, these are the products that work for me.

I think about my eyebrows a lot. In the past few months they’ve flourished, growing longer and thicker. I have the lockdown brow nailed. But, on days where all I crave is a touch of make-up to feel normal again, my eyebrows are one of the first places I work on. Without the help of an eyebrow threading specialist, there are a certain few products that help shape and thicken my moderately bushy brows

Getting my eyebrows threaded has been a part of my beauty routine since I was 16. There have been may tears and aloe vera gel applications, but the worst part was when the outcome failed to meet expectations and the treatment ended up thinning the hairs instead. Of course, the more you thread and remove, the thinner they grow back and for years my eyebrows were subject to a lot.

What do you do when the woman you trust to stick to your meticulous threading pattern suddenly decides to stop? Deal with it yourself of course.

After many attempts and going down YouTube wormhole to get the technique right, I’ve learnt how to thread my own eyebrows – free of the dread that comes with entrusting someone else with them.

My current brow care routine consists of a threading tidy up once up, with tweezers to extract those stubborn hairs, but styling is a whole other conversation.

Having sifted through the pencils, the gels and various other textured products, I’ve found my way to the pomade. As someone with the blackest of black hair, I’m always looking for eyebrow products that have strong pigmentation. 

Enter Illamasqua’s Eye Brow Cake, £18 in Vehement. It looks and feels more like a creamy powder that lasts for a while. I use this almost every day and have had the same pot for a year. It’s one of the longer lasting products of the eyebrow pomade world. And I’ve tried a fair few. 

Illamasqua’s Eye Brow Cake, £18

Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake Bushy Brows

Using it to define the arches, I apply Illamasqua’s Eye Brow Cake, £18 around two strokes to shape the brow and go over my natural hairs very lightly to even out the colour. In a not so traditional move, I don’t use an eyebrow brush to apply the powder, but an eyeliner brush. It’s a little thicker and not as precise, which is exactly how I like my brows to look.

The powder lasts all day, with no need to reapply, making it a winner when it comes to practicality.

Illamasqua Bushy Eyebrow Cake Review Before and After
Left: before Illamasqua's Eye Brow Cake Right: after Illamasqua's Eye Brow Cake

On those days where eyebrows refuse to be brushed and held in perfect position, I lean on my trusty Glossier Boy Brow, £14 in Clear. Using this in tandem with the Illamasqua powder works with the lightweight eyebrow cream works well as it can be used to mix with water and liquid textures.

Glossier Boy Brow, £14

Glossier Boy Brow in Clear for Busy Brow Routine

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the possibility of both of these products being sold out –  and the panic that would ensue shortly after.

 It’s an everyday essential for me, and my brows have never looked thicker. 

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