You’s Victoria Pedretti has dyed her signature brunette hair to blonde

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From honey blonde and glossy brunette to turquoise and neon green, these celebrities seemingly cover the entire spectrum of hair colours.

The joy of hair is that it’s so changeable.

Whether you fancy chopping it all off into a bob, adding extensions or opt for one of this season’s biggest hair colour trends (gingerbread caramel, anyone?) there is a whole world of pictures you can take straight to your hairdresser.

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Milk tea blonde to gingerbread caramel: these are autumn’s biggest hair colour trends

However, the celebrity set always has and always will prove to be a valid source of hair inspiration. 

Whether it’s Emma Roberts’ new honey blonde style, Britney Spears going back to brunette, Bella Thorne’s surprising switch to green or Mila Kunis’ turquoise dip-dye, here are the best celebrity hair colour transformations of recent times.

  • Victoria Pedretti

    Following on from her breakout role in The Haunting of Hill House, Victoria Pedretti is dominating our screens with her recent role as Love in Netflix’s You.

    In all of her roles so far, we’ve only seen Pedretti with gorgeous dark, brunette hair. But now, the actor has dyed her hair blonde - and it looks incredible.

    Celebrity hairstylist Rebekah Forecast posted images of the new look on her Instagram but didn’t confirm whether the new look is part of an upcoming role. You has just announced that a third season is in the works - maybe Love has decided to go blonde?…

  • Chrissy Teigen

    Winter may be a time that people opt for deeper hair shades, but Chrissy Teigen has done a complete 180. The presenter dyed her hair from dark brunette to a gorgeous honey blonde. On the post, Teigen tagged celebrity hairstylist and colourist Tracey Cunningham, the woman who was also behind transforming Jennifer Lopez’s hair for recent movie Hustlers.

  • Emma Roberts

    This isn’t the first time Emma Roberts has ventured into the world of honey blonde hair, but this might just be its shiniest incarnation yet. Hairstylist Nikki Lee broke down her technique on Instagram, explaining that she blended light warm brown tones with bright blonde highlights – the perfect set of instructions to take to your own hairdresser.

  • Bella Thorne

    2019 will officially be remembered as the year the beauty world went green. And we don’t mean everyone became eco angels (although, of course, many brands are working on that) but that between the rising trends for green nails, eye shadow and hair (courtesy of Billie Eilish), the colour was pretty much everywhere this year. 

    The latest to try out green hair? Bella Thorne, who transformed her usually dip-dyed lengths into this mermaid-esque green ombre hair look. Somebody pass the Bleach London Slime Light.

  • Dua Lipa

    Known for her sleek, glossy black bob, Dua Lipa switched up her hair at the start of October with a honey blonde hue. Now, though, she’s taken things one step further and gone all-out platinum. 

    From the pictures it looks as though Lipa – who we recently interviewed about her style, skincare and the secrets to her success – has kept the underneath section of her hair the same dark shade we know and love her for, but the top section has been dyed a super shiny shade of bright blonde, and we’re very much into it. 

  • Ashley Benson

    Known for her signature blonde hair, Ashley Benson, who starred in Pretty Little Liars, has moved over to the dark side just in time for winter - and it’s making us want to follow suit.

    Benson’s newly dyed hair is a rich shade of chocolate brown and it looks beautiful paired with her shoulder-length, wavy bob. 

  • Lady Gaga

    So, it looks like Lady Gaga just brought back the pastel pink hair trend in one fell swoop. Never one to shy away from a bold look, the singer uploaded a picture to Instagram on 5 October that was actually supposed to be about her recently-launched make-up line (which you can find out more about here) but it was her newly coloured hair that caught our attention. 

    Gaga styled her hair in vintage pin curls, paired it with a dog tooth-print mini dress and knee high boots for a glam ‘50s look. 

  • Lizzo

    It looks like rainbow-bright hair is making a serious comeback. On September 28, Mila Kunis was photographed with blonde hair and turquoise ends (scroll down to see the evidence). Now, Lizzo has debuted purple hair – and she’s making a serious case for wigs, too.

    Her new long hair is plum at the roots and fades out to a pinky shade at the ends and is giving us serious colour envy. Whoever said autumn was the time to go darker is officially wrong. 

  • Millie Bobby Brown


    Millie Bobby Brown is known for her short brunette hair (or for having a buzz cut if the first season of Stranger Things is anything to go by). But this weekend, as she made an appearance at Covent Garden’s flagship Boots store in aid of her new beauty line, Florence by Mills, it looks like she’s done a complete 180 on us. Not only has the actor gone a beautiful shade of honey blonde for autumn, but she’s also added some serious extensions. 

    There’s a reason honey blonde is this season’s most popular shade – it’s so versatile. We’re taking this picture to our hairdresser quick sharp. 

  • Mila Kunis

    We’ve never known Kunis as anything other than brunette, but the actor has decided to switch things up a bit for the change in seasons. Despite wearing a baseball cap, it looks as though she’s dyed her hair blonde and added some turquoise dip-dye. Some say it’s for her role in the upcoming film Four Good Days. Time will tell us whether that’s true or not, but either way, we approve. 

  • Maisie Williams

    After dying her hair purple when Game of Thrones finished filming and then going pink not long after, Maisie Williams then chose to cut her hair into a chin-length, choppy bob and dyed it a rich chocolate brown shade that looks healthy and supremely glossy. Into it.  

  • Whoopi Goldberg

    Long-time legend Goldberg recently switched her trademark hair for white dreadlocks ahead of her role in Stephen King’s The Stand, where she plays 109-year-old Mother Abigail. The look was revealed on USA show The View.

  • Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato with neon green dip dyed hair

    Demi Lovato has been every colour under the sun, but she recently debuted a shorter, choppier style paired with an inch of neon green at the very ends on her Instagram Stories. Not many people could pull it off, but Lovato manages to without even trying.

  • Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton's honey blonde hair

    Instead of sticking to tradition and going a few shades darker for autumn, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out with a lighter, honey blonde blow-dry instead. The look was showcased on Princess Charlotte’s first day of school at the start of September. 

  • Britney Spears

    Forever a favourite, Britters recently opted to switch her blonde hair to a medium brown shade. She’s previously been brunette but not for a few years, and she cited her sister as the person who inspired her to go back to the dark side.

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