Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist just shared his ultimate beauty hacks

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He may be make-up artist to the Kardashian-Jenners and Ariana Grande, but Mario Dedivanovic has got some tips for us, too…

To celebrate one year of brilliant make-up, plus the launch of the new Fired Up Eyeshadow Palette, £12.95, Nip + Fab held their very own make-up masterclass with celebrity make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic at the helm.

And he didn’t just serve up a tonne of Insta-worthy looks, but heaps of brilliantly clever tips and tricks, too.

Here are seven need-to-know hacks we learned from the make-up maestro.

1) Cream contour photographs better

Ever wondered why your cheeks always look muddy and splotchy in photos after you’ve spent ages perfecting your contour? You might be using the wrong bronzer.

“If I’m doing a beauty shoot that’s really close up I tend to use creams instead of powders,” said Mario. Why? “Because they photograph really healthy and you can see through them. A powder is going to look heavier, especially when it’s photographed.”

2) How to neutralise pigmentation

Whether it’s sun damage or a blemish that just won’t budge, those prone to pigmentation will know how difficult it is to achieve flawless coverage, but Mario has a trick up his sleeve.

“Firstly, pick a foundation that is really high coverage. Right now, I’m using Tom Ford, Ko Gen Doh, Laura Mercier Candleglow – but if your foundation is not enough to neutralise the pigmentation and you still have a grey cast, use a peachy concealer beforehand.”

A similar-toned colour corrector like YSL’s Touche Éclat Colour Correcting Blur Primer in Orange, £30 also works wonders, especially in olive to darker skin tones prone to discolouration.  

3) How to combat watery eyes when applying eyeliner

Is there anything more irritating than having to contend with streaming eyes when you’re painstakingly applying kohl eyeliner to your upper and lower waterline?

“It’s one thing you can’t do very much about,” said Mario, “but if you do suffer badly, hold your head back, keep your mouth open and breathe your nose. It tends to suck in the tears.” 

He added: “Sometimes – and you’ll know about this if you get watery eyes - there’s this patch that nothing will stick to afterwards, so pack that with concealer and then powder the area to combat it.”

4) Skip the primer altogether

It’s time to forget everything you’ve ever known about applying foundation.

“I just use a moisturiser to prep the skin with,” revealed Mario, adding that make-up tends to adhere much better without the barrier of a primer. 

“I’ve never used primers really, even in my 18 years of being a make-up artist.”

5) This is the best way to take make-up off

Wipes or micellar water? And is it ever OK just to go in with cleanser?

“Wash your face with cleanser but give your skin a once-over afterwards with the Nip + Fab Glycolic Exfoliating Pads, £13.59,” said Mario, explaining that they really eliminate all traces of make-up and dirt.

6) Use an emollient moisturiser before make-up if your skin is dry

Parched patches? Flaky forehead? They don’t tend to be an issue for Mario’s celebrity clientele if he has an emollient moisturiser to hand. They form a protective layer of moisture over the skin, which stops it from drying out.

“To me, it doesn’t matter if the skin is dry because I always use an emollient moisturiser,” he said. “It allows me to manipulate the skin and I can make it what I want it to be.”

Tempted to try it out for yourself? Stylist recommends these products…

Embryolisse Lair-Crème Concentre Nourishing Moisturiser

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser


7) Lip toppers make an Instagram-worthy glossy eye

Ditch the sticky Vaseline. Mario took his eye make-up look to the next dimension by swiping Nip + Fab’s new Lip Toppers, £7.95, over powder eyeshadow, and the mirror-shine was pretty mesmerising. 

He swept the product on straight from the nib and used his fingertips to blend the product over the entire eyelid and up into the socket. 

Nip + Fab

Images: Getty / Instagram / Nip + Fab / Courtesy of Brands