Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mascara review: is it worth the hype?

Charlotte Tilbury has expanded her iconic Pillow Talk range with a mascara, but does it live up to the rest of the collection?

We all know the transformative powers of a mascara and nowadays, we’re spoilt for choice.

There’s been a recent flurry of launches within the mascara category, including Huda Beauty’s dual-ended lengthening mascara and that Hourglass option that stormed its way to become Space NK’s bestselling mascara launch of all time.

Now, there’s a new mascara that has got everybody talking: Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara, £23. An extension of the brand’s iconic Pillow Talk range, this mascara is all about delivering a lifted, dramatic curling effect.


As well as its unique wand (more on that later), the formula has been loaded with lash-lifting polymers derived from the larch tree. These give the lashes a gummy stretch and flex so that they are pushed up without that uncomfortable hard, bristle-like finish. It also contains carnauba wax to feel lightweight and keratin to keep lashes conditioned.

So far, so promising. The good thing is you can get your hands on the mascara from today. But, are you looking to see how it works on lashes before you buy? Here’s what happened when the Stylist beauty team tried it.

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Shannon Peter, beauty director

Left, Pillow Talk Mascara on one eye; right, Pillow Talk Mascara on both eyes.

“Most mascaras offer one specific benefit: they’ll either lengthen lashes, make them look thicker or give them extra curl. So the real draw of Charlotte Tilbury’s new mascara is that it promises to do it all. And better still, it actually delivers.

“The innovative brush manages to hold onto a lot of the mascara formula, which means even with just one stroke, you’re able to give the lashes a really generous coating, which surprisingly, doesn’t result in clumps. I swiped it on, and although I have fairly up-right lashes already, the brush managed to pull them even higher. But what was particularly impressive is how the wet and waxy formula sets them in place, almost instantly.

“It may be simply because I’ve not worn mascara in weeks, but I swear the fact my lashes are so fanned out makes me look and feel more alert. Either way, I don’t care, I’m into it.”

Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer

Left, Pillow Talk Mascara on one eye; right, Pillow Talk Mascara on both eyes.

“My lashes are naturally quite long but straighter than a ruler. So much so, if you look at me head-on, it looks like there isn’t a single hair sitting along my lash line. So, I was keen to see whether this mascara could swoop my lashes up into a fluttery curl – and keep them there.

“The most interesting thing about this mascara is its wand. Instead of a wand that’s covered in bristles all the way around, it actually has two sides that carry bristles and two sides that are completely flat and bristle-less. In terms of application, Charlotte Tilbury recommends running the flat side along your lashes to coat it in the formula and then you should use one of the brush sides to comb through your lashes for a fanned-out effect.

“When I ran the flat side along my lashes, the wand already began to swoop them upwards and made them look a lot thicker, thank to the formula’s super black pigment. I quickly realised though, it’s easy for the wand to get overloaded in product. It’s difficult to scrape excess formula on the flat side back into the tube,  so definitely keep a tissue to hand. Once my lashes were sufficiently coated, I combed them upwards with the bristle side of the wand and was shocked at the dramatic curl and thickening effect. I don’t even think the pictures do it justice.

“While I don’t know if I’d wear this mascara on a daily basis, I will definitely be reaching for it on special occasions and outings, which, post-lockdown, feels like every event right now anyway.”

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara, £23, is available to buy now at

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Main image: Hanna Ibraheem/Shannon Peter