Chrissy Teigen’s clever make-up hack is so simple, yet so effective

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There’s no denying it: Chrissy Teigen gives good face. The Sports Illustrated model and television presenter might be famous for her #nofilters approach to social media, but she continues to grab the attention of beauty editors the whole world over with her style, including signature glossily tousled hair and on-point cosmetics game.

However, as Teigen is all too happy to point out herself (remember that “period skin” video?), she doesn’t “wake up like this”, because nobody does. In fact, ever keen to topple the myth of perfection, the model has repeatedly made a point of reminding her fans that she has a team of make-up artists at her side – including beauty pro, Mary Phillips.

And now, in a new interview with E! News, Phillips has revealed the clever hack she uses to keep Teigen’s make-up looking freshly applied all day (and all night) long.

But be warned – while simple, it packs a punch in the old purse.

“When my clients are wearing make-up for shows, music videos or long-day photo shoots, they are wearing make-up for a long time. It's really important to keep the make-up looking just as it was when you put it on for the first time,” Phillips explains.

“One trick I really like to do is take the Crème de la Mer – and this is a great trick if you get home and want to go out and don't want to shower and what not – and a hydrating mist, using a bit of the crème on a foundation brush, and going over your makeup.

“It rehydrates the skin.”

According to Phillips, the moisturiser-mist combo reinvigorates any product that has previously been applied to the skin, allowing it to blend better with any additional touch-ups – which helps prevent that dreaded cakey make-up effect.

“Then add a bit more foundation and concealer and it really is night and day,” adds Phillips.

“Your skin is fresh again.”

Of course, a tub of Crème de la Mer isn’t exactly cheap – it retails at an eye-watering price of £115 in most stores.

However, there is a ready-made Crème de la Mer mist available at a comparatively reasonable £60 a pop.

Or, if you want to find something that’s likely to pull off the same trick at a fraction of the price, nip into your nearest Body Shop and grab a £10 bottle of Vitamin E Hydrating Facial Mist – there’s a reason it’s one of the bestselling facial products on the high street, y’know.

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