The striking make-up trend everyone will be wearing this Christmas

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Festive beauty can be a tricky glitter-strewn road to navigate, but there’s one look you’ll be seeing a lot of this December.

Even the most sparkle-resistant seem to be lured into metallics come Christmas. Call it festive spirit or pure osmosis thanks to the blinding shop displays on every high street, but shiny drops of silver and gold seem to make their way into everything.

Now image-sharing website (and expert purveyor of online mood boards) Pinterest has revealed exactly how the Christmas spirit has manifested itself in make-up this year, naming the beauty trend that’s seen a huge spike in popularity: gold eyeliner.

And it’s no small surge: there’s been a huge 722% rise in saved pins compared to this time last year.

It’s a trend easily cranked up for true Christmas party vibes or toned down for a subtler take, from liberally applied glitter to striking liquid liner to soft pencil and eyeshadow looks.

So unlike Instagram’s most popular coat, you won’t necessarily turn up to a December ‘do looking exactly the same as someone else.

You could try a thinner line for a more understated look:

Or use metallic liquid eyeliner with contrasting eyeshadow for a standout style:

This look sees a strong shape rendered in glitter against a nude base:

The style doesn’t strictly stop at eyeliner either; many of the looks falling into this category are a little more inventive, such as lining the whole eye and extending over the eyelid:

You could limit your glitter to the corner of the eye:

Or add some shimmer to your usual eye make-up by using it solely on the lower lash line:

In fact, it doesn’t even have to sit on the lash line if you want to go more catwalk:

Feeling inspired? Search here for more pins on the theme (and yes, you’ll end up wearing it well beyond Christmas 2017).

Main image: Pinterest


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