Claudia Winkleman gets refreshingly honest about her simple beauty routine during lockdown

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Lockdown may leave you feeling like you have to follow a multi-step regime, but for Claudia Winkleman, she’s taking it as a chance to be more relaxed about her beauty rituals.

“You’re going to be highly disappointed with me,” Claudia Winkleman tells me when I ask about her skincare routine during lockdown. The thing is, I actually find it quite refreshing.

Of course, following a skincare routine is important to maintain healthy skin but during the current pandemic, everyone has their own way of dealing with things and practicing self-care. And seeing people on social media claiming to work, hit their 10k steps, complete some at-home DIY, cook a restaurant-standard dinner and apply a hair mask, all while finishing the day with a 10-step skincare routine all in a single day can leave you feeling like you need to be doing more.

For Winkleman, that comes down to three areas: her hair, lips and teeth. “I’m obsessed with brushing my teeth,” she says. “I look forward to it like people do with holidays.”

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But at the core of the presenter’s beauty routine lies her hair washing routine. “I haven’t changed the way I wash my hair for about 100 years,” she says. “The key is to foam up your shampoo.” After it’s rinsed, the Strictly Come Dancing presenter applies conditioner and then combs through her hair while the product is still in.

At the moment, Winkleman uses Head & Shoulders’ Supreme Purify & Volume Shampoo, £4.99. While it’s worth noting that she is a brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders, the presenter says she has sworn by their products for years. “It’s a white, delicious unguent,” she adds.

After she showers, Winkleman often foregoes body moisturising (“My problem is that it’s sticky. I should really do it as I don’t drink any water so my skin is like a Shar-Pei dog’s. That’s what I look like naked.”) and instead opts for reading, home schooling and napping with her youngest child while he reads Horrible Histories.

When it comes to her skincare, Winkleman tells me her obsession lies with lip salve. In fact, when she guest edited Stylist back in December 2019, she tested 20 different types for us. Her favourite of all time? Blistex Relief Cream, £2.69. Referring to it as “The Daddy” of lip salves, she says, “If you have chapped lips, don’t worry about anything else. It really sorts them out, it’s inexpensive and is basically the Yoda of the lip-healing world.”

Winkleman has decided to relax the other areas of her beauty routine. Alongside ceasing to wear make-up, she says her previous nail routine is currently out the window. “I trimmed them with clippers and tried to put on nail polish but it requires patience,” she explains.

“I normally do my nails when the kids are at school and house is quiet and I’m sitting there with the radio on. But now, every time I’ve done it, I have to take something out of the oven.

“In fact, I’ve spent two hours trying to make the perfect cauliflower cheese – if any Stylist readers can get me on a Zoom call and explain how to avoid it getting slightly burnt and watery, I’d appreciate it!”

Head & Shoulders has joined forces with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) to launch #ApartButTogether. The partnership aims to remove the stigma around asking for help, by offering expert tips on what to do when you need it.

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