5 common misconceptions about clean beauty

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Whether you’ve got concerns about cost, doubts over potency or you’re simply not sure where to start, it can feel like there’s countless barriers to clean beauty. Here’s how to break them down…

For many of us, making eco-friendly changes to our lifestyle has become second nature - so why does it seem so difficult to make the same switches in beauty? 

Whether you’re unwilling to give up certain luxuries, scared of throwing off your routine or mindful of not spending too much, there are myriad misconceptions that might stop you from trying.

The good news is that we can bust the biggest of these myths right here, right now. 

Clean beauty needn’t be an ordeal – in fact, it can be every bit as cost-effective and joyous to use as anything you’ve currently got in your bathroom or make-up bag. 

Here are five of the biggest myths surrounding clean beauty, and how to get past them…

  • 1. It’s expensive

    For years, we’ve been made to believe that if we want truly clean, sustainable products, we’ll have to pay an absolute fortune for them. 

    While this might sound like it has a whiff of truth (surely clean ingredients and reusable packaging is pricey?) so many advances have been made in the clean beauty realm, and so many bigger brands with larger supply chains have stepped into the ring, that prices have never been more affordable. 

    Yes To make facial skincare including sheet masks, cleansers and lotions with a good chunk of them under £5, The Ordinary’s whole super-charged skincare range is vegan, cruelty-free and seriously affordable and Gillette will even let you recycle your razors for free. 

    Saving money and the planet? Yes please. 

  • 2. Clean beauty is just about make-up

    While there’s undoubtedly some great clean make-up out there, switching to a more sustainable beauty lifestyle doesn’t stop with cosmetics.

    There’s loads of easy switches you can make in your bath and body routine, like switching to Sanex Zero% Shower Gel

    The formula reduces the risk of allergic reactions as it’s made without sulfates and colourants that can strip the skin and leave it feeling dry. 

    It’s also 99% biodegradable, so you can feel confident that it’s as kind to the planet as it is to your skin.

    Swap that into your morning shower and hey presto – your clean beauty experience just got bigger.

  • 3. It's less effective

    Any die-hard skintellectuals out there, this one’s for you.

    If you can’t bear the thought of parting with your meticulously crafted skincare routine, packed full of active ingredients, listen up: you don’t have to.

    There are loads of brands on the market that fuse planet-friendly production with super-charged formulas.

    Drunk Elephant have industry-leading clean beauty standards and a skincare selection that beauty editors love, while Caudalie have long flown the flag for sustainable beauty and serious skincare. 

    Meanwhile, Pixi is a beauty influencers’ secret weapon – they specialise in primer, foundation and concealers, plus, the whole range is vegan. 

  • 4. It means a total lifestyle shift

    If clean beauty is a lifestyle, then surely switching to it means a complete overhaul, right? Wrong.

    It’s less about changing your practices and habits, and more about making the choice to use the right products. 

    Instead of thinking you’re going to have to give up your beloved 10-step skincare regime (or start a 10-step regime, if you’re more of a wash-and-go sort), think about ways you can adapt your normal routine to be more sustainable. 

    Maybe scrap the cotton rounds and invest in a reusable muslin cloth, but still get to use your favourite cleanser. 

    Or maybe it’s as simple as shutting off the water while you lather up your cleanser, or even just putting another bin in your bathroom so you have somewhere to drop recyclable packaging without having to separate it all out at the end of the week. 

  • 5. There isn’t much choice

    Another myth we’re happy to dispel is that you’re going to have a really limited pool of places to shop from. 

    Clean beauty, from make-up to haircare and bath and body is now widely available, and lots of retailers have dedicated sections in-store and online (Boots has a vegan edit, as does John Lewis) so you can shop with confidence and without the fuss. 

    Whereas in years gone by, clean beauty may have been a niche concern, it’s now so popular that more brands than ever are getting involved and making it easier to find something perfectly tailored for you. 

    That means from top to toe, for every budget and every occasion, you’ll be able to find a clean beauty solution.

Care for the planet and your body with Sanex Zero%, the skin-friendly shower gel with a 99% biodegradable formula, moisturisers of natural origin and carefully selected ingredients. Shop the collection below.

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