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11 dark green nail shades that will inspire you to switch up your winter manicure

Allow us to gently encourage you to embrace dark green nails this winter. 

A winter-ready manicure is nothing new. From dark scarlet to deep navy, stark black and the ever-classic chocolate brown, we cycle through the seasonal shades much like dark lipstick and darker hair colours – expensive brunette, anyone?

But, in a bid to keep our nail colour as exciting as the countdown to 25 December, I propose we try something new. Something decidedly more green

Ranging from emerald (of which there are dark and light iterations) to Bottega, racing green, velvet, ivy and opal, dark green nails are having a moment in our collective winter manicure consciousness. Splashed over social media, the possible shade choices (and combinations) add new meaning to rethinking an old classic. 

So, before you plump for the same colour you always choose (guilty as charged), consider a dark green. It might just become your new go-to. Here are 11 I love for us right now.

  • Emerald

    Classic and chic, emerald is one of the most identifiable shades of dark green nail polish. A jewel-tone, emerald is a good place to start with green nail polish.

  • Light emerald

    The lightest shade of emerald, this colour is a joyful iteration of darker, more subdued green nail polish. 

  • Racing green

    Racing green straddles the line between black and green nail polish colours with added depth and dimension.

  • Ivy

    Dark to the point of almost seeming black, ivy green is an easy transitional shade to take you from day to night or week to weekend.

  • Sacramento

    A cooler dark green nail colour, Sacramento is characterised by undertones of blue and blue-toned black. 

  • Bottega

    First there was the Bottega bag, then the viral Zara blazer, now there’s a way to incorporate the trending dark green colour into your nail polish, too. 

  • Opal

    A marine-esque colour, opal contains cool shades of blue and green.

  • Velvet

    A sophisticated nod to party season, dark green tones overlayed with shimmer or glitter make the year-round colour feel far more festive.

  • Pear

    Almost at the door of true-green, pear is the lightest shade of dark green that’s full of personality but still has the depth and impact of a darker manicure. 

  • Dark green accents

    For when you simply can’t decide, try accenting other nail colours with swirls, lines or blobs of dark green. It’ll ground lighter colours and add dimension to darker ones.

  • Multi-toned dark green

    No need to commit to a full dark green manicure – pairing the shade with other tones can help the colour stand out and help you try something outside of your comfort zone. 

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