Dealing with skin redness? Drew Barrymore has the strangest beauty hack

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Viola Levy
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You may have thought an aloe vera plant was just a very nice house-warming gift - but according to Drew, it’s a ‘miracle’ skin healer.

From the Nineties and beyond, Drew Barrymore remains one of our favourite beauty icons. Not least the fact that she makes no secret about being a total beauty junkie. She is after all, the founder of affordable make-up line Flower Beauty when she’s not starring in Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet (we’ll still always love her in The Wedding Singer, ngl).

She’s currently been channelling her beauty obsession as part of her #beautyjunkieweek on her Instagram feed, treating fans to her favourite tips, hacks and enviable snaps of her overflowing beauty stash. But it was her recent posts that really caught our eye, as she shared her favourite skincare ‘hero’ – and it didn’t come in a bottle or a jar. Just a chunk of raw aloe vera – which she claims ‘suctioned’ out the redness from a recent suspected bite on her cheek.

Aloe vera-based skincare is nothing new – (The Body Shop has an entire range dedicated to it). The plant is prized for its ability to soothe irritated skin (making it a popular ingredient in after-sun lotions), so it can be ideal for easing conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or just skin that’s prone to flare ups.

But this time, Drew by-passed any products and fancy formulas and went straight to the source, hacking at an aloe vera leaf to deal with her current bug-bite situation, and applying a chunk of pulp to the offending area for 3 to 4 hours.

“I know this looks weird, but I had a giant bite or reaction on my face,” she captioned her recent post. “Anyway, I tried the age old myth of aloe vera. Nothing. Then figuring I had nothing to loose [sic], I dug out the meat of the live plant stalk, which I cut off a plant in my yard and then kept in the refrigerator to reuse, the juice you can squeeze out simply did nothing. So placed a small chunk of it right on my skin.”

She then followed up with posts showing how the little chunk had turned red and her bite was less inflamed. “It was actually suctioning out the red from my face. In two day it’s [sic] was gone. I had even tried bleaching creams, and noting was getting the red spot off my face until this natural remedy. Aloe Vera live plant meat worked to extract the red.”

While experts have corrected Drew’s theory that the aloe had indeed ‘suctioned out’ the redness (aloe vera pulp naturally turns red when exposed to the sun – sorry Drew!), its hydrating, anti-inflammatory properties have been well-documented and were most likely the cause of the bite looking less red.

Drew continued to share the aloe vera love a third post: “I had even tried bleaching creams, and noting was getting the red spot off my face until this natural remedy. Aloe Vera [sic] live plant meat worked to extract the red. Anyway, I keep an aloe plant in my apt in nyc [sic] when I don’t have the luxury of finding it in the earth. It’s Also [sic] amazing for cuts, scrapes and especially burns. It’s a must have to have around. In any form.”

But it’s not just Drew getting evangelical. Industry insiders such as Beauty Kitchen founder Jo Chidley are equally enamoured. “Although commonly used for treating burns and abrasions, aloe vera is also great for calming redness and reducing inflammation in the skin,” she explains. “Aloe vera gel, found in the inside of the plant’s leaves, is rich in fatty acids and enzymes, which work to decrease inflammation and fight redness.”

While Charlotte Vohtz, founder of Green People notes, “Rich in Vitamin C, E and beta carotene, aloe vera serves as a great skin moisturiser without being heavy or greasy. Aloe vera is also excellent for treating acne as it contains two hormones: auxin and gibberellins which provide anti inflammatory benefits and helps to heal the skin quickly and naturally to avoid scarring.”

We’re going to be keeping an eye on Drew’s account #beautyjunkieweek continues, for more of her tried-and-tested home remedies.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with a nostalgic clip from The Wedding Singer and probably the most powerful love ballad of all time. #sorrynotsorry