Deciem Abnomaly Shop Room Fragrance with notes of amber, musk and pepper

Deciem’s new Abnomaly, Shop room fragrance will make your home smell like one of its stores

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It has conquered your complexion and taken over your bathroom cabinet, but now Deciem’s sights are set firmly on your home. Stylist’s beauty director Shannon Peter puts the brand’s new room mist to the test. 

Let’s be honest: whenever you pick out a product to scent any room in your home – be it a scented candle, mist or diffuser – you usually have some kind of vibe in mind.

I personally love the idea that by burning Boy Smells’ Gardener candle (and of course, closing my eyes) I can make my teeny kitchen feel more like a lush greenhouse in the middle of a fancy country garden. Perhaps you’re more focused on bringing Big Spa Energy to your bathroom, which is why an aromatherapy diffuser sits proudly beside the bathtub. Or maybe you use scent to pretend that instead of a humble inner-city flat, you live in a grand stately home, so you spritz every inch of soft furnishing with notes of incense and amber. 

But in all that olfactory dreaming, do you ever think to yourself, ‘I’d love it if this place smelled like a shop’?

No, me neither. But having smelt Abnomaly, SHOP, Deciem’s brand new home fragrance, I’m starting to reconsider. 

Launching today, this room mist was never intended to scent the homes of people like you and me. In fact, as the name would suggest, it was the scent that Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe commissioned for use in the brand’s stores worldwide. 

He worked with Azzi Glasser, a perfumer widely considered perfume royalty and the nose behind so many big brand scents, including Bella Freud and Agent Provocateur. But she’s also something of a fragrance stylist, having worked with actors like Helena Bonham-Carter and Jude Law to design scents that would help them get into character.

“Brandon knew that smell is a tricky sense to convey through space, especially invisibly, and briefed me to create a fragrance that could transport one directly into the world of Deciem,” she explains. “He wanted a feeling of being lifted into a comforting, cosy bubble with a touch of edginess.” In more concrete terms, this brief led Glazzer to muddle notes like cypress oil, cedar, chalk and balsamic, along with white musks, amber and patchouli. 

If you ask me, it smells like a really expensive aftershave. Rich, peppery and a little bit spicy, but also satisfyingly cosy and clean; it’s exactly the kind of thing you want surrounding you. It’s versatile too, ideal if your living space is also doubling up as your office, gym and canteen right now. Not laden with anything too sultry, it won’t send you to sleep mid-Zoom call, but it’s not too zingy either, meaning it won’t stop you from mentally winding down once 6pm rolls around. Plus, unlike so many mists that seem to dissipate in minutes, this smell lingers for days on end.

One week in and I just. can’t. stop. spraying. 

I’ve misted it over my curtains and on the many cushions currently lining my sofa. I’ve spritzed it liberally around my bathroom to create a calm, relaxing environment. And I’ve used it to scent my bed sheets, too. If my willingness to scent every single corner of my home with the stuff doesn’t tell you just how delicious it is, I don’t know what will. 

Deciem Abnomaly Shop Room Fragrance with notes of amber, musk and pepper
Deciem Abnomaly Shop Room Fragrance review

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